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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

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Modi refused skull cap instead embraces Gandhi Topi

After a positive appraisal of India's great mascot and only intelligent fighter Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) for his limited period fast, Narendra Modi (Modiji) is in seventh heaven. In all this happiness, Modiji refused to wear skull cap and embraced Gandhi Topi. The topi will have gold embossed sentence "I am Modi". Modi is also considering mask for the people who are more loyal towards his concept to show that everybody and everywhere there is a Modi.

"Modi sir wants every Indian to become "I am Modi". I am a development man. It is a very unique idea and we shall print lakhs of topis and masks to distribute among lakhs of followers," one T-spoon of Modiji gave details.
"After Diggy's appreciation, Modiji felt that Muslims will embrace his ideology as Diggy has a very strong footing in the community. We even had words with Azhamgarh Madarsha management, Uttar Pradesh and they confirmed us that Diggy is considered as an icon over there," one senior BJP leader said.

"He added Modiji would definitely like to wear the skull cap. But today Gandhi topi is more popular and therefore he decided to go with Gandhi Topi only. Also as Diggy Chacha welcomed him to India's most elite club, Gandhian Approach Club we thought it would be the best time to adopt his principals of truth, peace and forgiveness," the leader added.

Modiji asked the crowd "What's in the name of topi? once asked Shakespeare which now I want to ask you all."
When asked about why the tag line "I am Modi" which resembles to Anna Hazare's "I am Anna" to the senior leader of BJP, he said "Actually, we considered this idea last year only but don't know how Team Anna had robed it from us. Modi is a development man and therefore we thought of implementing this idea. Other reason was Rahul Gandhi could have used the tag line "I am Rahul" to portray as a youth icon so we wanted first mover advantage."

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