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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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"BJP MPs confused with the names Amar and Ahmed," Dada Ram Jethmalani

Father of lawyers and a person who has no age barrier for retirement, Mr. Ram Jethmalani (Dada Ram) said that BJP MPs confused with the names Ahmed and Amar. He said "Actually, it was Ahmed Patel of Congress Party who offered cash to BJP MPs, but they mistakenly taken the name of Amar Singh. It is because of resemblance in the name and face. Both look same."

Great intellectual and comic looking Amar Singh (Chacha Amar) looked happy and hold his own fist tightly as a gesture of appreciation. "Amarji pleasantly surprised as Dada Ram gave a big turn-n-twist to the case," one follower of Chacha Amar said.

"This is a very good news after his meet with his big-B and Sanju Baba (no he is not a relative of Rahul Baba, he is Sanjay Dutt). He was very happy when Diggy supported him," said the follower.

"The person who paid the money was not Amar Singh but obviously Ahmed Patel (because same reasons mentioned above)... the notice could only be attributed to parties which wanted to save the government (indirect question why would Amar wants to save government showing his ignorance about Chacha Amar's side businesses)," Dada Ram said in the special court.

"This is a very strange kind of scenario where the entire case is starting on the statement of the accused... statement of the accused is technically no evidence. Nowhere, throughout the camera operation one can find the face or even the voice of Amar Singh, hence there is no prima facie evidence against him (means put Ahmed Patel behind the bars why did you catch Amar? I can't understand)," Dada said.

Chacha Amar outside the court said "I believe in Dadaji. He is a great a great orator and able to confuse intelligent people as well. Even I did not know about his idea otherwise I would have called MPs by using the name of Ahmed Patel. Duniyaa me koi rahe n rahe Dadaji ki waani jaroor rahegi. I also recommend Suresh Bhaai to appoint Dadaji as his lawyer."

When DCFC reporter asked him that Ram Jethmalani even involved L K Advani's name, he said "Actually, there is no resemblance between my face and Advani's face. Plus my intellectual level with Advaniji's does not match. It is exactly matching with Ahmed Bhaaisaab. Even we both look similar if I reduced some of my pot belly and do some hair weaving. (Please look at images given above) Therefore, Dadaji searched a proper face to put all the blames on it."

Some of Dada Ram's achievements given below

Background of Dada Ram

Dada Ram started his career as a professor in Pakistan before partition. He started his own law firm in Karachi with his friend A.K. Brohi who was senior to him by six years. In February 1948, when the riots broke out in Karachi, he fled to India on the advice of his friend Bodhi who later turned to be the Law Minister of Pakistan
Dada Ram first came to spot light with his appearance in the famous K. M. Nanavati vs. State of Maharashtra case in 1959 with Yeshwant Vishnu Chandrachud, later to become Chief Justice of India. His later defence of a string of smugglers in the late 1960s established Jethmalani's image as a 'smuggler's lawyer'. Even back then, he would point out that he was only doing his duty as a lawyer.

1.     Defence of Rajeev Gandhi's killers in Madras High Court in year 2011.

2.     Defense of Indira Gandhi's killers

3.     Harshad Mehta's defense in stock market scam

4.     Ketan Parekh's defense in stock market scam

5.     Underworld don Haji Mastan

6.     Defended death sentence of Afzal Guru

7.     L K Advani's defense in Hawala Scam

8.     Manu Sharma's defense in Jessica Lall murder case

9.     Amit Shah's (Gujarat's former Minister of State for Home) defense in Sohrabuddin fake encounter case.

10.  Amit Jogi's defence (son of Ajit Jogi) in the case of Ramavatar Jaggi murder case.

11.  Kanimozhi's defense in Spectrum 2G case

12.  Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy's special leave petition on stay for CBI probe on money laundering in his companies.

13.  Yeddyurappa's case on illegal mining scam

14.  AG Perarivalan, T Suthendraraja alias Santhan and Sriharan alias Murugan - convicted in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.

Now defending Lalit Modi - former IPL Chairman and Commissioner.

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