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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

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Great Gandhian Diggy Chacha welcomes Narendra Modi in Gandhian Club

Diggy Chacha welcomed Gujarat's Chief Minister and popular for his limited period fast-unto-death program (crash course of fast, called as Sadbhavana Fast) to elite club of Gandhian leaders.
Occupied by many great personalities in India, this club is involved in many activities which are globally acclaimed. It is an ISO 9000 certified club with great repute and standards. The activities which the club members adopted are their propritary asset and copying or immitating requires their permission.


Lifetime members

Rahul Gandhi (Baba):

India's future Prime Minister, popularly known as Amul baby is the most important member of this club. Besides similarity with the surname, Rahul Baba introduced Gandhian Padyatra by walking over 28kms in Uttar Pradesh. Padyatra, staying in the houses of farmers, poor people, taking unique experience of travelling crowded (by security people and few aam admis) Mumbai Local train and trashing media by saying 99% of terror attacks are stopped are his major achievements. Padyatra is his proprietary assets.

Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha):

He is most intelligent person in the universe, even accepted an alien Jadoo. He is a brand ambassador of Amul Butter for buttering Soniaji (Madamji) and Rahul Baba. Chacha came into limelight when he forgave Facebook and RSS conspirers on criticisms on him. He was the only Congress man who respected modern Gandhi Anna Hazare (Annaji). He also forgave Osama-bin-Laden for all his sins and asked an aggressive question to USA why did they not give due respect to Osamaji for cremation? This question was also considered valid by UNO and is considering Nobel Prize for Diggy Chacha. He was the only peson who forgave Suresh Kalmadi, Ashok Chavan, A Raja, Kanimojhi, Amar Singh and many more by telling they are innocent. His recent achievement is inclusion of Narendra Modi in this club, who was alleged for 2002 riots in Gujarat by his partymen. His proprietary asset is his forgiveness.

Lalkrishna Advani (Dadaji):

BJP's youngest leader, he is famous for rath yatra management. Earlier he arranged rath yatras for Ram Mandir issue. These days he is arranging a rath yatra for elimination of corruption out of the country. Diggy Chacha humbly requested him to start the yatra from Karnataka which he denied. His proprietary asset is rath yatra.

Mulayam Singh Yadav's son Akhilesh Yadav:

He is a nimbu-timbu in India's politics with no importance. However, he recently started trying to gain some attention. He is also self called Uttar Pradesh's future Chief Minister (that Mulayam Singh only knows). Akhilesh has arranged a cycle yatra through out Uttar Pradesh by sitting in his car for protesting Mayawati and Congress' corruption. His proprietary asset is cycle yatra.

New Entry/ Recent Addition

Narendra Modi (Modiji):

Diggy Chacha recommended an entry for Modiji in this club. He is a chief minister of Gujarat and always alleged for Gujarat riots in 2002 by Congress men and other main opposition parties. He recently invented a new Gandhian way for satyagraha. It is a crash course and everybody is welcome. It is a 3 day course called as Sadbhavana fast. This fast is limited period fast-unto-death program. It is typically a closed ended program with the term is fixed for 3 days. There is a scope to increase or decrease the duration based on the health. His proprietary asset is limited period (closed ended) fast-unto-death program.

Volunteers and free lancers of this club

Suresh Kalmadi, Amar Singh, etc.

Member of this club who is not recognized by abovementioned top members

Anna Hazare (Annaji):

He is famous as a modern Gandhi, not by Congress but by nation (Sometimes Nation's and people views differ). Diggy Chacha is the only Congressman who respects him still thinks he is not yet qualified for the membership of this elite club. Diggy Chacha said that Annaji is a mask of terror organisations such as RSS. However, Anna Hazare recently went for a 12 day fast for the country to implement Lokpal Bill in India.

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