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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

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Arabs on the streets to protest against draconian law of Keralites

All rich Arabs in Gulf countries came on the streets to oppose the draconian Kerala Women's Code Bill 2011 that Kerala government wants to pass. "Wallah, this law is a disaster for our future generations. They will suffer from the work-a-holic diseases, which were restricted to developing and developed nations. We pray to Allah not to allow Kerala government to pass the law," said Prince of Saudi Arabia, Sultan bin Abdul Aziz.

Under Kerala Women's Code Bill 2011, a person can be imprisoned for impregnating his own wife. Worst, he could be branded as a `legally disqualified person'. "How stupid is this law? This is totally against humanity and against possibilities to bridge the gap between Kerala and Gulf region," said Abdul-bin-Hamid a columnist of leading news paper in Dubai.

"Allah knows it all, how much Mallus supported our generations to live life large. Our generations have hardly required doing any work since Mallus started living in our countries. Now, suddenly Kerala government is asking them to stop feeding Gulf regions. This is totally against our fundamental rights to stay healthy with no work," said one old age person with tearful eyes.

The Commission on Rights and Welfare of Women and Children feels that nothing lesser than a fine of Rs10,000 or three months simple' imprisonment deserves to be slapped on the expectant father of a third child. The recommendation is part of the measures intended to encourage population planning for well-being and children's development.

The Kerala Women's Code Bill 2011 maintains that violation of family norms will be deemed a legal disqualification and parents will not be eligible to receive any benefits from government. It insists on that religious and political outfits should not be allowed to discourage population planning and any such effort on their part should be censured by the governor.

The report reads, "No person or institution shall use religion, region, sect, cast, cult or other ulterior inducements for the bearing of more children".

"Mallus were the symbol of secularism for the Gulf countries. The data of the total number of Mallus was always slapped on the face of United Nations to show that how much we are secular and every religion was living peacefully in our country," said Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia.  

As of 2008, the Gulf countries altogether have a Keralite population of more than 2.5mn, who send home annually a sum of $6.81bn, which is more than 15.13% of the total Remittance to India in 2008.

One Matrimonial site expert said "The bill will affect the matrimonial industry as Keralites brides look for Gulf migrants."

He added "Gulf migrants were highly sought after as bridegrooms. Their attractive earnings, irrespective of their shortcomings, enabled them to marry into wealthy and respected families."

Kerala government official said "We received a request letter signed by Gulf countries officials but till now we have not decided anything on it. Discussions are going on. Further, Mallus have already received lakhs of crores from Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, so we are not really worried of losing anything in Gulf region."

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