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Monday, 26 September 2011

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Manmohanji plans special screening of Bbuddah hoga tera baap on his birthday

After a big stressful year, India's beloved PM Manmohan Singh (Manji) planned to spend whole day with his wife Gursharanji.

Early morning he got a call from Madamji making him feel like he is in seventh heaven. "Thank you Madamji. Yea I will tell same way. Oh no Madamji, today please grant me a one day holiday. I promised Gursharanji to spend entire day with her. Yea thank you Madamji I will tell the same way to media. Thanks for a leave," Manmohanji switched off his phone with a happy face.

"Gurji, today I got one day off. Now do you feel happy. I proved your importance in front of Madamji," Manmohanji said. Gursharanji admired his efforts. A phone bell rang again. "Nomoste Mon Mohonji. Happy bothday. I wonted you to meet me today discossing on Roja and Chidduji. I found a horrible infomation that bog is not with my hoffice but it wos in your hoffice," said Pronobda.

"Pronobda, I understand that and thanks for your wishes. Today, actually I am booked by my wife Gurusharanji and also I took permission for leave from Madamji," said Manji in helpless voice.

"Orey boba, oak oak foine foine... Bot baba, please tell Goroshoronji not to tell my woife Survaji that you aosked for a leave from Madamji to spend entire day with your woife for your borthaday. I will spend entire day with Roja in Tihor Jail but it will be difficolt to stay at home. Boy the way, you aore very coarageous to spend wone entoir day. Ha ha ha..." Pronobda put down the phone. Manji's face become worried and concerned after thinking about his entire day. "Sushmaji was better in criticising..." one thought touched his mind.

"Manji so what is our schedule for today," Gurusharanji asked Manji.

"I had not discussed that with Madamji," Manji gently answered "I call her and ask what should be my schedule." That fueled anger in Gurusharanji complaining how she became nowhere in his life in his term of Prime ministership.

Intelligently handling the situation, Manji told "Arey Guruji, I was just joking." That kept Gursharanji quite. "We shall eat American pastries tonight and I will never discuss about politicians and Madamji for entire day," said Manji making his wife happy. "We shall discuss our best old days and will see some old pictures of us," he added.

After looking at his own winning smile in front of a mirror he thought to recreate some power and energies to answer Diggy's never ending comments that he became an old age person. Manji called his secretary and asked him to arrange special screening of Bbuddah... Hoga Terra Baap and Cheeni Kum.

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