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Friday, 5 August 2011

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“United we all, against poisonous Jan Lokpal Bill which is unconstitutional,” Congress Party men roars d

"What the h..l Anna is doing all about. He should have faith in Parliament," Salman Khurshid (Salman Bhaai) said. Taking the inspiration from a famous, educating and inspirational movie "My Name is Kkkkkkhaaaannnn" Salman Bhaai said "there are two kinds of people, one who trusts in Parliamentary process (good person) and the second who doesn't (bad person). Anna is in the second category." But he advised "Anna's team needs to have faith in parliament."

"The bill has been given the kind of importance and attention that it deserves (DCFC's estimates are the government gave the government gave 99% attention and importance, based on some factual data recorded from Rahul Baba's conversation). It has been researched and the methodology is keeping in mind the people (yea the government considered many people which include Member of Parliaments, Member of Assemblies, innocent Bureaucrats and socially responsible Corporate)," Bhaai added.
As usual speaking half truth Salman Bhaai said "The main contention between the government and the civil society representatives led by Hazare is the inclusion of the prime minister within the ambit of Lokpal (ombudsman)." However, there are many demands from Civil Society like MPs behavior in parliament and covering all the bureaucrats and judiciaries has also not been considered, which Bhaai conveniently forgot. By the way, this was the same person who one month back asked for Supreme Court reforms for bail to 2G fraudsters.
There is a famous quote that 2 lawyers can't be friend or their views can't match. However, contradicting to the  above phenomenon Zero Loss Theory fame and a person with 360 degree turning neck, Kapil Sibal (Sibal uncle) gave support to Salman Bhaai's statements. He was more furious and aggressive.
"Today, this Bill is a property of Parliament and to burn this Bill publicly is an insult to Parliament (ha ha ha is it insult to parliament or to you Sibal uncle?). If our democracy continues to function in this fashion, then I feel it poses a danger to democracy (yea these kind of funny and foolish MLAs and MPs will get removed and DCFC will have to sacrifice its business. We agree Sibal uncle the act was undemocratic till we both think about our jobs. Ha ha ha…)," Sibal uncle told reporters.
He said if Anna Hazare and his colleagues wanted to put across their views on the Bill, they should approach the Parliamentary Standing Committee (how do they? Please elaborate process. And please we would like to understand how much were chances that government would haven't damn this bill). "The Bill is Parliament's property (?), there are Parliamentary procedures. If Mr Hazare wants to put his point of view he is entitled to do so by moving to the Standing Committee and saying that the provisions of my Bill be taken into account (ha ha ha Sibal uncle please talk sensibly what do you think… you are lawyer that's why you best know how to waste time and that suggestion you are giving to Anna. Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh)," Sibal said.
Asked whether any action would be taken against Hazare and his colleagues for burning copies of the Lokpal Bill, he said this issue would be decided by someone else. "Whether to take action or not will be decided by someone else (by whom boss? Please clarify). We have said this is against democracy and against the Constitution and it is an insult to Parliament (hmmm)," he said.

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