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Thursday, 4 August 2011

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“Don’t mess with me many BSP leaders are in touch,” Diggy Chacha shows muscle

Most intelligent person in the universe, most humble and kind Digvijay Singh Chacha (Diggy Chacha) said "Don't mess with me many BSP leaders are in touch."

Recently, Diggy Chacha was on a short-term Sanyaas in which he had chosen a course of shut-my-mouth-for-a-week. Though difficult for any person in the world, Diggy Chacha easily completed the course. During the course Chacha earned huge energy.

After back to his regular business of opening mouth at any time and on any topic, India's Gandhian, Diggy Chacha claimed that a large number of BSP leaders in Uttar Pradesh are in touch with the party, and Ajit Singh led RLD is also willing to form an alliance with it ahead of the state Assembly polls. DCFC reporter got in touch with a strange mouthpiece of Manish Tiwari (Manish Uncle) and asked him about the development. Though he didn't make the usual statement that it's Diggy's personal view, shared some important thoughts.

Manish uncle said "Diggy Chacha is a most important strategist in Congress Party. He knows how to create furor in the opposition camp. He also knows the proper time to talk on any particular thing. Recently, he created huge amount of ruckus in the BJP camp by saying Anna Hazare, Ramdev Baba and Mumbai Terror Attack's terrorists are from RSS camp. The idea worked very well. Now he wants to create fear and suspicion in Big Behenji's camp. So what is wrong with that?"

He confirmed that the party has started preparations for the Assembly elections and screening committee has started selection of candidates. The Congress leader claimed that the Congress would form the next government in the state and rooting out corruption (?) would be one of the main planks in the coming elections. When DCFC reporter asked "If Congress wins the elections in UP and lose elections from Center then it will be possible to root out corruption in UP only and not in India?" Diggy Chacha wittingly said that there is no case of corruption at center levels. He said whatever is happening currently at center is just a product of conspiracy of the opposition parties and we are clean like Surf Excel.

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