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Friday, 5 August 2011

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Conspiracy against Kalmadi exposed, his brain and heart works normal

The most intelligent creature of the universe, Digvijay Singh's (Diggy Chacha) beloved brother who has similar capabilities and vision Suresh Kalmadi (Suru Bhaai) is normal. Conspiracy against him to prove he has no brain and just skull is exposed. Hospital sources said that they discovered something inside his skull it was strange thing but doctor's accepted it was brain only.

DCFC had informed its readers that the government was planning to send Suru Bhaai's reports to Guinness Book of World Records to confirm that he was the only person in the world who operated without brain. However, after this disappointing news the government's reactions will be interesting to see. The government sources are yet to comment on the subject.
After the reports Suru Bhaai is again put in jail. "It was a serious conspiracy to defame Suru," said one of his supporters. We doubt two politicians who always played fat politics namely Nitin Gadkari and Sharad Pawar are behind the sin. The supporter said that they will ask Diggy Chacha to refer the case to his private intelligence bureau which is more intelligent than government's intelligence agency and also very active.
Hospital authorities are yet to confirm the good news. Dr Y K Gupta, the institute spokesperson and head of the pharmacology department, said Kalmadi underwent a series of cardiac, neuro and endrocrinology tests in the past three days. "The test reports have been sent to the jail authorities. I cannot comment on its content," he said.
Kalmadi was discharged at 5.45pm from the hospital and reached Tihar at 7pm. R N Sharma, DIG, prisons, said: "In between we had some snacks like Chhole Bhature which he likes a lot. We also had some emotional conversation. I told him that many prisoners missed him a lot and they were waiting for him to listen to his "Super Hero" kind of stories and his novel "how to become millionaire jhat pat". Suru Bhaai has committed us that whenever he will get released he will publish the novel and will send his signature copies to all. The medical report will reach us on Friday and we plan a big celebration in Jail for which we are also inviting esteemed guests like Tamil hero look-a-like A. Raja, Tamil heroine look-a-like Kanimozhi, Shahid Balwa, Chandra and special invitation to Ashok Chavan."

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