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Monday, 29 August 2011

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“It was not Kapil Muni, but Kapilji Maharaj,” Swami Agnivesh

Swami Agnivesh, who is the biggest celebrity in the You Tube India, credited Kapilji Maharaj for sudden spurt in his popularity. "Yes, I is really a proud feeling plus an increase in responsibility to maintain the same popularity that I gained today," with emotional voice said Swamiji. He added "But its mistake that I first time became celebrity of You Tube India videos. I had an experience. Earlier in May 2011, Mahant Nityanand slapped me which also became very popular. Today, along with my Kapilji Maharaj interaction people are watching my older video as well. However, I would like to point out media's role, which is only focusing on my one video while the other one is totally ignored."

Following is a brief interview of DCFC reporter with a hot celebrity for August 28, 2011, Swami Agnivesh.

DCFC reporter asked Swamijee "Was the other guy Kapil Sibal?" Swamijee humbly replied "No no no. He was my spiritual guru Mr. Kapil Munijee. I was talking with him gently making my stand clear so tomorrow nobody should hold me for any wrongs." "What wrongs? Are you talking about paying back to courtesy of the government for the CBI enquiry for the Naxal attacks in Dantewada earlier this year and the violence against you and your team during their visit to Chhattisgarh in March?"

Watch a detailed interaction between Swamijee and Kapilji

Mahant Nityananda's historic act

"No no no, see my Kapil Munijee says that fast-unto-death was suicidal after 10 days particularly since August 25, 2011. I tried to convince a lot to Anna that don't try to commit suicide but he didn't agree. Therefore, something wrong if was going to happen in front of me I had to take such step," Swamijiee said. "Therefore, I called Kapilji Munijee that he wasn't agreeing and it was just an emotional outburst for his sake only that I called him mad elephant," he clarified.

"However, Kapilji Munijee the name which you are taking had already denied any interaction with you and also added that there is no other Kapil Muni in Haridwaar," asked DCFC reporter. "Oh really! Did he deny? Ok… oh... I forgot it was not Kapil Munijee but Kapilji Maharaj. See don't mistake it with great Kapil Sibaljee h… He was somebody else sits in extreme place of Kashmir, Kailash Manasarovar," Swami Agnivesh said.

DCFC had done some study on Swami Agnivesh's change in behavior over last few days and found out some interesting connections in August only. Please read following timeline.

1.     A conglomerate of academicians, civil rights activists and politicians including veteran Congress leader Ajit Jogi, D Raja from CPI on Tuesday called for starting fresh initiatives to seek a political solution of the vexed problem by bringing CPI (Maoists) on the discussion table. "The initiative should begin at the highest level and for that people like Swami Agnivesh can come very handy," Jogi said at a public meeting called to discuss the Supreme Court judgement on Salwa Judum. Reported on August 3, 2011

2.     The CBI has registered five cases in connection with the Naxal attacks in Dantewada earlier this year and the violence against activist Swami Agnivesh and his team during their visit to Chhattisgarh in March. Reported on August 9, 2011

3.     In an interview to a TV channel, Agnivesh claimed that Team Anna was willing to be "flexible" on the issues of inclusion of the PM and the judiciary provided government agreed to consider other issues like exclusion of lower bureaucracy and the quantum of penalty/punishment for frivolous complaints.

In his TV interview, Agnivesh emphasized what he termed as civil society's "willingness to compromise". He said, "There were allegations that we are adopting a 'take it or leave it' stance on the Lokpal issue and are not willing to look at the positives in the government Bill. To which I said that it is not a correct surmise because we are willing to be flexible on the issue of the PM and the judiciary provided our other concerns are suitably addressed in a transparent and responsible manner."

However, civil society members said there will be no flexibility. "We pointed out to the members that according to the Rajya Sabha rules, there can be no change in the scope and structure of the Bill at this stage," activist Arvind Kejriwal said. "Swami Aginvesh's statement was misinterpreted. We do not have any difference on our stand on Lokpal. The team had categorically stated this position to the Parliamentary Panel yesterday," said Manis Sisodia to Deccan Herald. Swami Agnivesh was present in the Core Committee's meeting held at the residence of Prashant Bhushan, attended by Anna Hazare and others. "Swami Agnivesh is important member of the core committee," asserted the spokesperson. Reported on August 10 and 11, 2011

4.     Mahant Nityanand Das, the chief of a temple near Nadiad who had manhandled Swami Agnivesh during a public meeting of Anna Hazare in Ahmedabad in May, was detained by the Government Railway Police on Tuesday for illegally stopping a train in protest against the arrest of Anna Hazare. Reported on August 17, 2011.

5.     Agnivesh said, "Anna ji has been on a fast for nine days and his health is failing. He should be allowed to be put on a drip." Reported on August 25, 2011.

6.     Swami Agnivesh said Anna Hazare had missed a golden opportunity to end his fast with grace and dignity, Justice Santosh Hegde said it was not democratic to dictate to Parliament.

Agnivesh said a "coterie" was dictating to Hazare and hatred and contempt for the political class had crept in which was unbecoming. "Anna's credibility is being dented. There is a hardening of attitude by a small coterie," he said.

"When we began talks, it was understood that we would lobby only for introduction of the Lokpal bill but that has changed now. I have chosen to disassociate myself from the group because of this," Agnivesh said.

He added that the campaign was increasingly becoming anti-minority and anti-backward classes. "I have spoken to a number of MPs and dalit, OBC and Muslim leaders feel that there is a shrinking of space for them. They feel that this campaign is dictating to Parliament, taking away whatever little space that they have," Agnivesh said.
However, sources said Agnivesh had insisted on being part of the negotiating team and there were reservations that he was a "weak link" within the group. Differences with the core committee on his role led to the Swami distancing himself from the group. Reported on August 27, 2011.

Finally on August 28, 2011, Team Anna member Kiran Bedi alleged that Agnivesh has been caught on camera, where he is asking a person after addressing him as "Kapil", "Maharaj aap inko itna kyu de rahe hai(Maharaj, why are you giving them so much?). "Who's Maharaj? Whether it is Kapil Sibal on the other side? He said Sibal sahab, I heard that," she said. Bedi accused Agnivesh of being absolutely unethical. The core Anna Team and Agnivesh had developed differences during the course of Hazare's fast. Bedi told a news agency, that the footage has "shocked us all and, we are very uncomfortable" with it. "Only he can answer this. He should own it or reject. However, it leaves no doubt. It obviously tells us of what happened. He should tell us, who the person is and who did he mentioned in this," she added.

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