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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

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Devil’s domination: Three Short Stories of regret, stubbornness and conspiracy

As Anna event is passing by, people are getting accustomed to normal day-to-day activities. However, few people are glued to the past 12 days of fast. Through their actions their life has changed dramatically. Perception has changed and even people who did not raise their heads and voices started talking about privilege motion against these people. These are three people who have shown different values and different perspective to the life. These three short stories have tremendous amount of mouth violence, action violence, conspiracies, spirituality and many aspects of life. Recently released Three Short Stories (Stories of Regret, Stubbornness and Conspiracy) have three lead actors who proved their strong muscle of acting. The stories have high drama and action.

First Story - Regret

This is a story of a person who after immense amount of struggle became one of the most popular actors. Many popular movies he had done. He took so much struggle that his face added one mark every day. Now hardly there is any space to add struggle mark on the face. On the face of it, the actor was one of the most sensible persons in the Bollywood cinema. He heard a moment about a new struggle, a struggle of a Gandhian who was sitting on the fast. The actor with very good intentions came to meet him to encourage him and to offer his whole hearted support.

However, a twist came here, devil (another important character) took the control of the brain of the actor and started communicating the message. The message was clear the devil wanted to remove all the gods sitting in the parliament and dumps them deep into sea. Devil pointed out their level of education and literacy, their inability to work and asked the many god maker people to take a bottle of wine and rupees offered by these gods for voting and give them to devil and caste the vote to some other guy.

God who said to be full authority of the nation through parliamentarian activities understood devil's intention and filed for privilege motion. Actor who himself was disturbed that how did he allow devil to take control of his brain regretted.

He said "I was very emotional, I didn't know how devil took control of my brain but I regret using those words that may have hurt some sentiments (sentiments of 790 gods). I could have opted for better words... (however, it was devil who choose those words) If I am called I am ready to go before them (Parliament) and clarify," actor said to PTI. The actor demonstrated immense mouth/tongue violence.

Second Story - Story of stubbornness

Another struggler was an IPS turned social activist. She was also a victim of the conspiracy of devil against gods. She showed in her famous ghunghat act that the gods are hypocrates. She used symbolic "ghunghat mask" as a property for delivering the act. Believes in "Actions speak louder than words" she showed a demonstration of action violence in front of a crowd of thousands people.

The gods who saw the act got irritated for treating them hypocrate and filed a privilege motion against the arrogant lady who was dominated by a devil. However, devil has still not left control over her brain.

Devil through her typing by a new mode of communication, called Twitter said "The truth is bitter. It is difficult to take. This is understandable. I am seeing what many are not. Hence, the ghunghat illustration."

Gods said that talking any thing or acting in any kind of way (even violent) are only their rights and a common-man is not allowed. This should not happen again therefore they are taking these steps.

Above two stories is devil's conspiracy against gods. Now next story is god allowed a guy to come out of devil's control.

Third Story - Conspiracy

A sage till date surrounded by devils and under their control got a chance to come out of it. Kapilji Maharaj, heaven residing ugly looking and always irritated but still great sage helped him to broke all the chains of devil put on him. This person was also a great struggler for devils. He worked as a social worker, self-titled Arya Samaj scholar, and a progressive Hindu social activist. He is best known for his work against bonded labour through the Bonded Labour Liberation Front, which he founded in 1981. He was a great supporter of a major conspiracy created against gods which if applies then all liberty, freedom and wealth of politicians (actual gods) and bureaucrats will be vanished.

Great sage, one of the Saptarshis Kapilji Maharaj himself came on the earth to meet this person due to his virtues and morality towards gods in his earlier life. However, Kapilji Maharaj knew that this guy was lost under devil's domination. Steadily by doing some goodness for him Maharaj threw devil out of this person's life. After all the effects got vanished, the guy also confirmed it with Maharaj that the other persons under the dominance of devil became mad elephants and are very stubborn and don't listen to him. However, one devil captured this conversation on a video and circulated on You Tube, an another mode of conversation and sage showed full of dumbness and foolishness that he didn't know if somebody was taking his video. Now it was time for devil dominated society to file a privilege motion against him.

For climax please watch the entire saga on media.

Roles of all actors were good. However, Om Puri who played actor's role was a little bit done some overacting. Kiran Bedi as usual was good as she was in her comfortable role and acted effortlessly.

Most natural was Swami Agnivesh in the role of sage. He was perfectly fit for the role. He was so natural that while he was talking on phone, he easily showed that he didn't know that somebody was taking video.

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