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Sunday, 21 August 2011

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“I will mug up what to say in press conference,” Aruna aunty

Digvijay Singh Fan Club's (DCFC) research wing got a copy of the conversation between great and only proclaimed social activist in the country by Diggy Chacha in his interview against corruption Aruna Roy and great and most intelligent person in the universe Digvijay Singh before the press conference. The source who gave the copy told us to keep his name anonymous.

"Diggy, I left out of entire process. It feels so irritating. Now what would I do? Give me some advice n… you are like my younger brother," one lady was talking on a phone call to Diggy Chacha. Diggy Chacha is popular for getting the phone calls from many people to share their fear and ask for defense from Diggy Chacha Private Security Agency. In past, Diggy Chacha had confirmed about this service by giving reference of Late. Mr. Hemant Karkare.

"Don't worry Aruna. I will look after this. You arrange a press conference and I will tell what to speak. See Rahul Baba has already become the heartthrob of nation by imitating my words. You also do that and everybody will forget Anna and will take your words. Mark my words," Diggy Chacha said. "However, one question, do you have any experience of fasting?" Chacha asked.

"No Diggy, I had only fast on Ekadashi or Chaturthi or on Karwa Chowth and that too are so irritating. I am planning for the Indian women to allow them to not to fast on Karwa Chowth and will call Human Rights Association," Aruna aunty bluntly said.

"Aruna behen, see we are talking about Anna's fast right now and not on Karwa Chowth. I would suggest you to concentrate on the topic. See I would email you a copy of what to say in the press conference and you will become popular. See this will be a third Lokpal Bill which will confuse ordinary Indian people and that too when it will come from you all socialites will support and make a candle march," Diggy Chacha said.

"See in India, high socialite people support who is celebrity activist and Anna Hazare is an ordinary man. So you will see your photographs on the page 3 of great celebrity newspapers next day only," he added. "As it is, I don't think you would like to get more famous among the ordinary people of India," Chacha concluded his remarks.

"Thanks Diggy. Send me the file. I will mug up," aunty said in a happiest tone of her life.

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