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Saturday, 20 August 2011

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“What if I am corrupt? I still support Jan Lokpal Bill,” Yeddy Appa

Former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa's pledge to launch a sit-in in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue on MG Road in support of Anna Hazare's anti-corruption campaign, failed yesterday. Several speculations over the reasons reared their heads, but a few were brow raising and even bordered on hilarious.
Sources said that Yeddyurappa gave the event a miss because the low turnout, which would have given out the wrong message. Some even said that he did not want to add to the chaotic traffic situation near the venue by turning up.

Hackles were raised when Yeddyurappa, main accused in numerous graft cases, which eventually led to his ouster, announced on Wednesday that he would stage a dharna to show his solidarity to Anna Hazare.
While condemning the government for Hazare's arrest, he had said India is responding to Anna's call to eradicate corruption. "As a citizen of India it is my duty to support the cause and I will launch a dharna and urge upon the government to table an effective Lokpal bill," he had said. He added "What if I support Jan Lokpal Bill? See ideologies are different things, but karmas are different. I love to add some money to my kitty while I would like to see the nation would be corruption free."

Yeddy Appa's supporter (?) said that Appa feels corruption can be eradicated by taking strong steps. However, the supporter also said that Appa will come out clean from all the mud that Hegde threw on his face.
When DCFC reporter asked the supporter, Hegde, who is the biggest enemy of Yeddy Appa also supported the cause. He said when there is a stronger and mighty enemy, corruption, Appa will not give importance to such small things.

When asked about the BJP's refusal for Appa's protests, the supporter said "It was Nitinji who is conspiring against great Appa. He said that Nitinji felt it would have been a big joke and an embarrassment to the BJP. Senior leaders have forbidden Appa from getting involved in such things till he comes clean on corruption charges."
"What if I am corrupt? It's my fundamental right to protest against corruption," roared Yeddy Appa.

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