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Monday, 1 August 2011

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Great Gandhian Diggy Chacha supports Adnan Sami

Most intelligent person in the Universe, Rahul Baba's Guru and the most required person in India (to make fun of), Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (Manuji, we made a small change from Manji to Manuji) and sought his intervention to enable Pakistani singer Adnan Sami (Nitinji look-a-like Fat Singer) to stay longer in the country. However, he didn't disclose that how much will be the exact time line for his stay in India.

"I met the Prime Minister on the issue. I support the fat singer from Pakistan and have requested the Prime Minister to allow him an extension for staying further in India. He is a good singer and has a lot of fan following in this country. He wants to stay in this country, He should be allowed to stay here", Diggy Chacha said.

Pakistani singer community welcomed Diggy Chacha's move. One new talent said "Chacha can also come to Pakistan for 3 days 4 night's holiday." One popular singer said "We also plan to surprise Chacha by offering an extension of 2 days." BJP, an arch rival of Diggy Chacha said Diggy should be sent to Pakistan in exchange of that fat singer.

Chacha said the Manuji and P Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) have assured him of their support in the case of Sami. However, when DCFC reporter asked him when will Pakistan become so much liberal and humble towards Indian artistes? He said "it's not the question whether Pakistan is humble or not but our tradition knows welcome guests and allow them to stay as long as they want. Even this is Congress' tradition as well. See we allow Bangladeshis to stay in India and we are very careful that they should stay longer." He further added "Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba) has already made it clear that India is already 99% in control of any terrorism and violence and now only 1% is remaining which comes from Hindu terror organizations like RSS and VHP so there is no need to bar anybody from Pakistan. Even I am in favor of giving Pakistani people voting rights in India so they can select most eligible leaders who will strengthen the knot with Pakistan."

Diggy Chacha remained emotional in entire conversation and said "I already made it clear that we should try and form Europe like society which is free from bitterness and anguish and where people can move freely, breaking man-made boundaries and joining the hearts of people separated through partition together and this is a first initiative towards such formation of society. Even I feel that we should send our Himesh Reshmiya (a guy with Silky hair and rock hard voice) who has become very popular after his song Aashiq banaya aapne."

DCFC reporter asked Chacha "But In December 2010, the Enforcement Directorate confiscated properties of Sami (fat singer from Pakistan) for acquiring assets allegedly without the permission of Reserve Bank of India as he was a Pakistani national." Chacha said within no fraction of time "don't worry that's also on my radar. I suggest our government besides voting rights Pakistani people should be allowed to buy properties in India. This will tighten our knot."

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