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Monday, 1 August 2011

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Diggy Chacha dreams formation of United India Subcontinent

Showing that the claims of DCFC are not misleading that Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) is the most intelligent leader in the Universe (more intelligent than Jadoo), offered a proposal for peace and prosperity of India and other neighboring countries.

Famous for strange and illogical (at least at prima facie) statements, Diggy Chacha expressed his desire to have a European Union-like association of nations in the Indian subcontinent. This time he didn't just talk but also showed that he walks what he talks and asked the government to extend Pakistan's fattest singer Adnan Sami (no relations with SIMI) stay in India and should be allowed to taste India's honor (please read Great Gandhian Diggy Chacha supports Adnan Sami).  

"We should try and form such a society which is free from bitterness and anguish and where people can move freely, breaking man-made boundaries and joining the hearts of people separated through partition together," Singh said at the release of a book on partition here.

He also appreciated India's move which welcome's Bangladeshi people anytime and he told that on the basis of Bangladeshi initiative he would like to allow Pakistani people to break man-made boundaries and move freely and join the hearts.

However, as usual BJP leaders didn't keep quiet on Diggy Chacha's intelligent statements. One senior leader said "this must be ahead of UP elections. He wants to impress Muslims." Diggy Chacha replied "How rubbish! On one hand, I am asking Indian people to forget bitterness and on the other hand BJP kind of political parties are still involved in communalism. That's why I always Congress is the only secular party in India. And as far as UP elections are concerned, Rahul Baba alone is handling those issues very carefully and intelligently so that I can think bigger and talks on larger levels."

With his tearful eyes showing a tremendous impact of Gandhiji on his career, he said "If such nations in Europe who kept fighting for years can get and work together to form a European Union, why can''t we do that. I wish I see that in my lifetime".

Lamenting the violence that took place during partition, the Congress leader said, "Relations of thousands of years were broken in a few days. The biggest challenge before us is how to bring such relations together once again. DCFC reporter asked "whether Diggy Chacha wants to visit Pakistan to say similar thing to Pakistani people and the government." One Congress spokesperson said "Pakistan always confirmed that there is no bitterness from their side and they always welcome peace and prosperity. They were never indulged into any violence. Mr. Gilani always time to time said that India also could not discover any proof. Therefore, Diggy Chacha wants us to end bitterness and this is an indication for RSS as well who is not very friendly with Pakistani people."

The spokesperson further said that Pakistan already initiated the process by sending Hina Rabbani Khar. SM Krishna (Krishna Uncle) was happy with the conversation and discussion and therefore Diggy Chacha plans to payback by extending Sami's visit.

Showing his discontentment towards some unnamed (readers know very well) terror organizations, he said that "as long as the proponents of violence and hate mongerers (means a particular community) live and enjoy the protection of the political class as well as the media, we will continue to face challenges." When DCFC reporter seek a clarification "Are mongerers RSS and is political class BJP?" Diggy Chacha said "I don't point out at any particular community. Right now I have proofs but I will disclose them at a proper time. However, I want to make it clear that Saffron Terror is more dangerous than any other terror."

While talking Rahul Baba's Guru cried a lot and said it was painful to hear the sad stories of families who were divided during partition.

"It pained to learn that brothers were divided during partition and close family members could not get together even during happy or sad occasions, in the absence of visas."

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