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Friday, 29 July 2011

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Quotes and Misquotes of Diggy Chacha by Media

Our beloved and the most intelligent leader in the universe (more intelligent than Jadoo), Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) is famous for his witty statements. He does not only recognize the timeliness of a particular statement but also understand when importance fades how to back it out by blaming media. It's really our good fortune that Diggy Chacha is an Indian (though he thinks himself as Universal) and always giving us tuitions. The greatness of Diggy Chacha does not end here. He always forgave his worst enemy as well (search Diggy Chacha forgives facebook). However, having greatness inside makes you vulnerable in front of media. Media always conspired against him and always misrepresented him and his statements to earn some bucks. We shall take you through a history as how media created havoc against our beloved and most intelligent leader in the universe, Diggy Chacha. DCFC will regularly update our readers with every new developments.

On Osama 
"Osama ji had been living in Pakistan for so many years, how is it possible that the Pakistani authorities could not locate him."
"Osamajii should have been given respectable burrial!!"

"Absolutely yes, thanks to media. What I can do when the media did not understand my sarcasm (ha-ha-ha funny) regarding Osama (where is "ji" now) found near the Pakistan military academy?" Singh told reporters seeking to put the record straight on his remarks at a public meeting at Varanasi.

On Anna Hazare
Diggy Chacha warned Anna Hazare against his proposed fast from August 16. "Anna saheb says he will again sit on fast. If he does so, he may get the same treatment as the other (Baba Ramdev) got recently."

"I am surprised and pained at reports in today's newspapers which quoted me as saying that the treatment given to Ramdev would also be meted out to Anna Hazare," Diggy Chacha said.

On Rahul Baba as PM
"I think it is time that Rahul can become the Prime Minister," Diggy Chacha said.
"Rahul is now 40 and he has been working for the party for the last seven to eight years," Chacha said.
The scion of Gandhi family had the right qualities, instincts and experience to take up the mantle of the prime minister-ship now, Diggy Chacha said.

Diggy Chacha denied the suggestion that he wanted the incumbent to make way for Rahul. "No, no I am not saying that because there is no vacancy and Dr Manmohan Singh is doing a fairly good job, why should he be replaced."

On Mumbai Terror Attacks and RSS

Diggy Chacha said, "I do not rule out anything. If they want evidence about Sangh's involvement in terror activity, I have got evidence. But not in this case." But the Opposition has lambasted the Congress General Secretary's rhetoric calling it "playing politics over terror and dead bodies".


He in his apparent u-turn said, "In the aftermath of the Mumbai blasts, I had said that the possibility of any group's involvement cannot be ruled out. But I had not taken the name of RSS. I have been misquoted."

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