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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

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Government announced classes for Media and how to oppose training; Sibal, Khurshid and Soni are teachers

In a major development, the Indian government announced classes for responsibility of media and how to become good opposition leader. The batches have started and the lecturers are Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle), Salman Khurshid (Salman Bhaai) and Ambika Soni (Ambika Aunty).

The government's dilemma is that India has really an irresponsible media network which always demonize the government, particularly MPs, ministers and corporate. "It's a historic step. We believe that India has tremendous potential to grow but our irresponsible media personnel and illiterate opposition leaders are the major hindrances. We started these classes at a very nominal fee to implement ethics and code of conduct on Indian media. They are always involved in demonizing (or cracking joke) us," said Zero Loss Theory fame and India's most flexible Turning Brain, Kapil Sibal.

He advised the media to be "responsible" and not to "demonise" a different point of view, reflecting an assessment that the prevailing sense of drift was severely affecting legislative and administrative processes.
Media savvy, Congress' cheerful (not cheer) lady and frequently like to come on to news channels and recently defamed by various news channels on her criticism over media, Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni (Ambika aunty) said that through these classes the government is trying to provide relief to channels from TRP horror. She said "there is disconnect between reality and hype. You tend to sensationalise things because of TRP (television rating point). We are also trying to provide relief to channels from TRP horror."
Aunty said that the course involves how to crosscheck facts and not start a trial or instantly declare somebody guilty, e.g., A. Raja, Suresh Kalmadi and Manmohan Singh. Khurshid dwelt on the essence of democratic functioning where difference of opinion was not a crime so how to achieve non-partiality (means demonize opposition more) is an essential content in the course.

"Difference of opinion is perfectly legitimate and that does not mean one side is right and the other side is totally wrong and should be demonized," he said. As usual, Salman Bhaai talked into sugar-free coated sweet words. Actually, he indirectly touched upon recent case study wherein media supported Anna Hazare's team burning Lokpal bill drafts and its threat to launch "the second freedom struggle" from August 16.
Bhaai continued: "An atmosphere is being created that if you don't agree with somebody, you should be put in the dock. There are instances when high court verdicts are set aside by the Supreme Court. There are cases when judges differ on the same bench.

"We should understand this strengthens democracy, we should not do something for which we have to repent later (however, Salman Bhaai didn't give any example and said no case study is available right now with him). There is widespread concern not only in the government but among a cross-section of people (?) that our parliamentary democracy is being challenged (how?)."

He added: "We need the media's co-operation, support and guidance to come out of this mess (that means don't criticize government in any case). We are not saying don't attack us but be responsible (ha ha ha)."
Headmaster Ambika aunty, who claimed she was speaking with great anguish, and explained the reason behind conducting the lectures and said: "Many important people, including MPs (who others? Must not be common man), come to me with complaints that the media are not presenting the right facts and are sensationalising (them)."
Speaking on the classes for how to become a good opposition leader, one senior leader said "Industry leaders had repeatedly advised us on requirement of such classes for our opposition party leaders. It is required as we have a heavy legislative agenda that is vital to our future is pending. We have to move on."

Another minister explaining the need for such classes said "There are shockwaves in the stock market and the American financial crisis has caused deep worries for us (? Sob sob sob). And we have shut down Parliament because a report has made a critical reference to a local government. We are so attuned to fights now that we can't do constructive business (?)."

Salman Bhaai said at the news conference that everyone was free to make a demand and attack the government but no pre-condition could be set for running Parliament. That's why we are setting up these classes. However, he was from the same government who opposed Jan Lokpal Bill's clause for MP and MLAs behavior in the Parliament and Assembly respectively. He kept mum on that topic.

"The government has a right to respond and you should not hold our mouths, you cannot ask for somebody's dismissal and paralyse Parliament. We are ready to be held accountable but let us follow procedure. We want to teach all these things in the session," he said.

Ambika aunty, too, said the demand for summary dismissal of a chief minister was unjust and would not be accepted. Sibal Uncle said Dikshit had not been "indicted" and a "reference" to her role did not mean she should be hanged.

"There is a process. The CAG report is submitted to the public accounts committee, where the department concerned presents its views. Then the report goes to Parliament. How can we skip these processes?" he asked. However, one opposition leader said that these processes will take a long time which Sibal knows very well and till that time new election period will start.

Questioned why A. Raja had quit on the basis of a CAG report, Sibal said: "That's a different case (?) and that does not become a constitutional precedent (ha ha ha)." One senior leader said that party will be trying to come up with a bill that if CAG report will point out anybody of the Congress Party he will not resign while if he is from alliance parties he has to resign.

The ministers said the CAG regularly made critical references to departments' functioning and nobody resigned because of that. Citing several instances, including those from the NDA regime and BJP-ruled states, they said action would be taken in every case where there was evidence of wrongdoing.

"We incorporated all these case studies in our lectures so that we can make responsible media and opposition leaders who will not point out or criticize the government. However, the clause that Jan Lokpal Bill says about MPs conduct in Parliament should be monitored is totally undemocratic and a shame for the India," said a senior minister.

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