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Thursday, 28 July 2011

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SibalNama Episode-5 – “The Turning Brains”

SibalNama is going through major twists and turns. Delhi's Tihar jail and political circles are watching the episode of turning brains. The serial is almost moving 360 degrees just like Sibal Uncle's attitude. Southern movies hero look-a-like the great A. Raja has made a 360 degree turn again. In 3 days he made a circular round for 2nd time. First Raja said PM Manmohan Singh (Manji) and HM P. Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) were aware of everything happening in telecom. However, after fear of Sibal Uncle and strong Congressmen (or may be because of weak DMK people) he made a "U" Turn and said it was media who put every word in my mouth and I didn't say anything. However, he made another "U" Turn by saying if I am here for dereliction of duty, then the PM should also be here" for "error of judgment" in issuance of licences. He also submitted that Chidambaram "is bound to appear as a witness".

When DCFC contacted a senior leader of the Congress Party "he said we are really confused of the Raja's statements. Even we are getting trouble to maintain the pace at a rate he is turning his statements." The leader added "Even Madamji was asking Manji whether Raja is more flexible in terms of turning statements than our respected leaders like Sibal, Salman Bhaai and Diggy Chacha." He said "just 2-3 days back we gave him support and asked for Supreme Court reforms to release him and now he is talking all these crap. Both Sibalji and Salman Bhaai are under depression and Diggy Chacha is not talking anything to anybody."

However, things were not always easy in SibalNama. Salman Khurshid (Salman Bhaai) who just a 10 days back said that SC reforms were required to let innocent Raja and Kanimozhi to be released from jail. He also advocated for media reforms and rules for media to cover only scams of BJP and other opposition parties.

Virtually dismissing Raja's arguments in the 2G case, Salman Bhaai said it was for the court to decide whether there is "any substance" in what the former telecom minister''s counsel has submitted to the court. Wow Salman Bhaai, you only said that court should improve its process otherwise challenged to make the court reforms just to release Raja, Kanimozhi and other corporate honchos, now you are saying that court has its own process and it will decide. Even A. Raja, Kalmadi and Sibal Uncle will feel embarrassed by looking at your "turning brain" capacity.

Turning brains of Indian politics

We are showing our readers, India's turning brains. Though, currently our list is limited we have placed few measures which will add many more politicians to this list. So please keep updated.

Turning Brain
2 days 3 times
Sibal Uncle
2 days 2 times
Salman Bhaai
10 days 2 times
Diggy Chacha*
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
*No gauge has been created in this world to map Diggy Chacha's turning brain

Salman Bhaai tried to show that there is no importance to Raja's statement by saying "you do know, when lawyers appear for someone, they look for anything possible to help their own clients. It is not always that thought is given to what will happen to some other person who is named in this manner."

At the same time, the minister said that it was for the court to consider "whether there is any substance" in what Raja's counsel has said.

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