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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

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Changing statements Part 2: “Anna is unconstitutional,” Diggy Chacha

Opening his eyes and choosing very harsh voice as like angry Rudra from a bucket of his different voice modulations, the most intelligent creature of the universe, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) said "Who told you that I said Anna is innocent? It was just a sarcastic statement as like I made on Osamaji. Media always take me wrong and Manish has to reply for media's sins. See sarcasm is one of my many hidden qualities, which I learnt from Guru Arjun Singh".

He added "Now tell me who gave him (Hazare) the right to burn copies of the bill which has been tabled in Parliament? He should respect Saraswati Mata. In my child hood, my mummy told me that pen and paper is related to god. Ok don't yawn. I come back to topic. Was this constitutional of tearing apart the bill that India's most intelligent talent (learnt under Diggy Chacha) had prepared? The thing is that he is not fighting against corruption but doing politics, which is only our game".

Diggy Chacha further said "this guy is so arrogant that earlier I gave him a suggestion that allow young blood for fast while he should respect his old age and take a retirement. But this guy told media that I should be admitted to mental asylum. How dared he to tell that universe' best talent to admit to mental asylum".

Justifying the detention of Hazare, Diggy Chacha said "my beloved brother Suresh is in Tihar jail for what purpose just using his rights as a minister. He is such an innocent kid. Osamaji, why did he kill in spite of being innocent person. However, Annaji is indulging in activities, which can make law and order situation can go out of control."

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