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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

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Changing statements Part I - “Anna is as innocent as my brothers Kalmadi and Osamaji,” Diggy Chacha

Closing his eyes and choosing a calm but very unique voice from a bucket of his different voice modulations, the most intelligent creature of the universe, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) said "Anna Hazare has always been surrounded by people and aides who have been exploiting him for their own gains, they spent almost Rs2Lakh on his birth day while Hasan Ali has wealth of only Rs50,000 (denomination?). Hazare is a very decent and simple person; he does not understand many things. I always told him to come to my training institute, I will teach you lessons of good behavior free of cost. However, aghast, every time he ignored me. Even the Justice Sawant Commission said the same thing, that right under Hazare's nose, many of his associates made money without his knowledge".

Diggy Chacha's voice was very peaceful who chose to say less than require approach over last few days after his painstaking Maun Vrata (shut-the-mouth) for a week. He also recommended this vrata to Manish Tiwari, Kapil Sibal uncle. Ambika Soni aunty humbly denied for adoption of this vrata as she is broadcasting minister and always need to talk a lot of irrelevant news.

Diggy Chacha added "I always liked innocent people, for instance my beloved brother Suresh Bhaai Kalmadi (Suru Bhaai) and Osamaji. Annaji is one of such innocent persons in the world who needs to be protected from strong people like me. Therefore, I told him that he should come under my shelter. I also had similar talks with Osamaji, who I really felt deserved a more honorable treatment from Obama. Osamaji also didn't listen to me and rest becomes a history with this person".

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