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Friday, 19 August 2011

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What’s secret behind Rahul Baba’s secretive visit to Pune?

After clarification from Universe' most intelligent and strange creature Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) that Pune is in Maharashtra and not in UP (please read), India's most desirable young PM, Rahul Baba asked "Now, what shall I do? I promised the farmers, dalits and common men of India that I will agitate for them. I think we shall call all the media people and announce my Padyatra from Delhi to Pune. This will solve two problems; first media will focus on me and will ignore Anna Hazare. But this time, I will go clean shave. Second, people will come to know I always rally for farmers, dalits and common men. And third, which is hidden is padyatra will solve long lasting digestion problem. What do you say Diggy Chacha and Sibal Uncle?"

Most stressed out Congress men due to Congress' strange practices and inventor of Zero loss theory, Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle) said "What Diggy? You didn't tell him that Pune is in Maharashtra and Congress is a ruling party. He will only agitate in UP or states where Congress is not a ruling party or declined to be ruling party by people."

Diggy Chacha stared at Rahul Baba "Baba, I told you on phone that Pune is in Maharashtra and not in UP. Now, Sibal will complain against me to Madamji."

Rahul Baba said "yea, you told me but what about my objective that I will serve common man of the country. Diggy Chacha, I want to become Anna Hazare."

"Ok Sibal, we shall do one thing, we shall arrange a secret visit of Rahul Baba to Pune so that he will be satisfied and farmers will be happy that future PM came to meet them. We shall also take photos of Rahul Baba with them so they can tell their grand children that met India's PM. I will tell him not to speak anything and only show some sympathy," Diggy Chacha said.

Sibal uncle said "yea and Indian people are focusing on Anna right now, so they will also ignore this worthless public meet."

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