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Friday, 8 July 2011

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Truth has no courage to go hiding from Diggy Chacha’s eyes; finally Diggy Chacha exposes BSP behind YS Sachan’s murder

As we already maintained, nothing in the world that Diggy Chacha doesn’t know is not in existence. Finally, truth came in front of him. Truth has no courage to remain covered for long time from Diggy Chacha and we appreciate the honesty of truth that it exposed itself. Now Diggy Chacha put the truth in front of all people of India proving his sincerity towards India (sorry Diggy Chacha to universe).

Alleging a BSP MP and an MLC were involved in the killing of Dr YS Sachan, senior Congress leader Diggy Chacha said the Mayawati government was shielding the masterminds behind the murder of three CMOs. 

"First CMO Dr Vinod Arya was killed in October, 2010, then Dr BP Singh was murdered in April this year and now deputy CMO Sachan was killed inside the Lucknow district jail.

"All the three cases are related to each other and the materminds behind them are yet to be exposed," Chacha told reporters here.

Chacha also reported the locations of the masterminds and said "they are being shielded by the chief minister's office".

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