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Friday, 8 July 2011

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Government adopted Diggy Chacha’s shock treatment therapy; Mr. Sibal says Govt not committed to any timeline to clear Lokpal Bill

Using the similar “style” of Diggy Chacha, India’s one of the most popular Lawyers and ex- Minister of Earth Sciences and Minister of Science and Technology and currently Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Minister of Human Resource Development Mr. Kapil Sibal said, "Our promise to the nation was to bring the bill in the monsoon session. We never said it will be passed in the monsoon session." He further added that the process can conclude by the winter session if the urgency and resolve on display at the all-party meeting is sustained over the next few months.

Showing the damage control after DMK’s “differing” views with Government (first time we came to know DMK is different from Government) on Lokpal Bill Hon. Ex-Finance Minister and currently Home Minister Mr. P Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) said, "UPA is not a political party. It's a coalition of political parties. When you have more than one party, you may have different views on some issues. That does not mean that the UPA is divided." (Interesting, intelligent and unique views, Diggy Chacha please check whether Chiddu Uncle and Mr. Sibal took your permission before making such copyrighted statements).

Chiddu Uncle further tried to derail Mr. Anna Hazare’s Mission by exuding confidence that a "strong" Lokpal bill will be brought to Parliament, the government feels the final shape of the anti-corruption law will be influenced by deliberations of the standing committee it is referred to.

Interestingly he applauded by the consensus forged at Sunday's all-party meeting on the Lokpal bill and feels debate in Parliament as well as discussions in a standing committee to which it is bound to be referred to, will see positions articulated by parties being amended and refined. (Interestingly, we have not seen any replies from Mr. Anna Hazare, he must feel shocked)

He gave some future indications which have to take in a positive light. Diggy Chacha were always in a favour of such views. Chiddu Uncle described as "preliminary views" opinions expressed by some political parties for or against bringing the PM and the judiciary under Lokpal ambit. "Our impression is that all these views are subject to change when we go through the procedures," he said. (New Disclaimer, Views of all Political Parties are subject to change based on the circumstances).

He also stressed on the point that the MPs have all the rights to introduce and discuss such wonderful bill and take credit for that. Gradually, DCFC readers will come to know which political party will gain the most out of Lokpal Bill discussions. He said "We will bring the bill in the monsoon session of Parliament. The bill will be examined according to established procedures... MPs desire to follow the established procedures."  The government has emphasized the primacy of the parliamentary process and the role of political outfits to pilot and approve legislations – an argument in keeping with its view that the Lokpal advocated by civil society groups like Anna Hazare's is not in consonance with the Constitution.

Totally ignoring Hazare's threat to launch a hunger strike from August 16 if the bill doesn't become a law by then, the home minister said it was "premature" to predict as the bill "will satisfy the vast majority of this country".

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