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Friday, 8 July 2011

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Rahul Baba’s padyatra promises Ram/Rahim Rajya in UP just like other states, Diggy Chacha applauds

In line with long term political vision, Rahul Baba is on expansion spree and trying to add India’s most populated state Uttar Pradesh Rajya to Congress’ account before becoming India’s PM. His foot march (padyatra) launched from the twin villages of Bhatta-Parsaul in UP. India’s future “PM” (quoted by India’s most intellectual leader Diggy Chacha) and currently famous as Rahul Baba said "I wanted to understand the situation of farmers and that is the reason I'm here between you, to talk to everyone of you".

Opposition Parties which always makes comedy of anything concrete done by Congress said that Congress is present in 13 states amongst which states like Haryana, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra are facing severe land issues. Why doesn’t Rahul Baba rally in these states?  But lone warrior and Guru Diggy Chacha defends Rahul Baba. He gave his witty views that Congress has CMs present in 13 states which is an unlucky number and it believes after adding 14th state and that too like UP the luck will improve and it will bring the Ram/Rahim Rajya (as UP is mixed of both Hindu Muslim Population and Congress is Secular Party).

Apart from opposition parties, Anna Hazare’s supporters also join the campaign against Rahul Baba and said humorously why Rahul Baba at this small age involved in difficult activities like padyatra. Why doesn’t he allow senior leaders like Mr. Diggy Chacha to take the rally in his hands? However, Diggy Chacha put the curtains on all these issues by saying Rahul Baba’s foot march (padyatra) from the twin villages of Bhatta-Parsaul was aimed at getting first-hand information from people on the land acquisition policy of the (only and only) Mayawati-led Uttar Pradesh government (Unquoted – As election is due next year).
Diggy Chacha further added it will be a non-political platform supported by non-Hindu leaders (just inverse to Anna Hazare’s Lokpal) where farmers can make their speeches. "Rahul Baba will listen to them and work towards a solution," the senior Congress leader said. He further said that it was his ‘personal wish’ that Rahul Baba is ready for PM. (Unquoted) But this kind of rally will help Indian people to realize he is the best and only candidate as their PM.

Diggy Chacha also advised similar kind of rally to Mr. Anna Hazare, earlier. He said "Anna's decision to go on a hunger strike is okay but it should be remembered that during the freedom struggle whenever Mahatma Gandhi staged a fast, he undertook an agitation before it for public support. The same thing should be followed by Anna."
We searched readers’ comments on web on this particular news and saw a humongous response to rally. Some of which we would like to show our readers. These comment writers appreciated Rahul Baba’s efforts but in a different (or may be inverse) way.
  1. Tell Rahul walk with POSCO area and get what people has to say.
  2. Come to Haryana where no city has been spared by the congress govt to grab any piece of land available by using outdated land acquistion rules and forced millions out of their Livelihood.
  3. Why Rahul Gandhi not interested in taking feedback on Lokpal? He is not interested in any state governed by Congress as if there is nothing wrong in those states. Just trying to fool people for Vote. (interesting but Rahul Baba is still not PM whenever he will become will ask all Congress CMs to work).
  4. <This advice is directly to Diggy Chacha. Please concentrate> mr. digvijay singh!!u said it and we believe it. u can actually ask your rahul baba to not take so much pain. (Its similar advice like Anna Hazare supporters gave).
  5. Will Rahul is ready to undertake padayatra for unified AP? (Difficult to answer to Diggy Chacha as Rahul Baba does understand only Italian, English and Hindi and not Telugu).
  6. What else can an educated unemployed person do. He will never make it PM for sure unless he gains experience as minister. He has lost precious time to gaining this experience in the last 2 terms since the cong is in power. (Diggy Chacha can answer this comment. Rahul Baba doesn’t require any qualification as his surname is Gandhi so he is a born PM J).
  7. Interesting suggestions from one comment writer. After some days there will be Rahul's Daandi yatra, fast, ansan - all dramas till congress sees him as PM. (Diggy Chacha please try to implement these).
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