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Friday, 8 July 2011

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Rampant Rahul Baba says Uttar Pradesh is run by ‘dalals’ … Update 1

After taking the blessings from Madamji and Guru Diggyji, Rahul Baba started his march to win UP in the upcoming elections. He hits the target hard just in his initial interactions with farmers. Baba said farmers “You are not together. Uttar Pradesh is divided and that is why dalals (touts) are running the state.” (Please don’t compare Rahul Baba’s foot march with that of Tom Hank’s in Forrest Gump which was aimless and worthless).

Clothing a snow white Kurta without any wrinkle and a colour of dirt on it, Rahul Baba said “You may not like it. But this is true. Since you are not together that is why this is happening here. Unless you unite, you will continue to suffer. Unless you don’t understand what is happening, the train will not come on its track,” 
Rahul Baba began his foot march on Thursday from Sarole village in the district at 6.30 a.m. and walked about 7 km to reach here on his way to Aligarh, where he is slated to address a ‘kisan mahapanchayat’ on July 9.
“I wanted to meet you personally and hear to your problems,” he told the farmers.

Rahul Baba didn’t forget to maintain Congress’ success story in acquiring lands in Haryana to other farmers (UQ “promised a better deal than Mayawati Government if UP farmers select Congress”). He lauded Haryana Government’s land acquisition policy and said “farmers were happy in Haryana and there are no problems there.”
“Unlike here, in Haryana there were no dharnas either as the farmers were paid market rates for their land acquired. That is not done here,” he said.

Rahul Baba also assured that he is not against development and also saw the farmers are supporting it but just a better deal that they are not getting. “No farmer is saying that we are against the building of roads of development, but we want to get involved in this development process. It is the government’s duty to include all of them in this development process. Wherever I go the farmers are ready to give land but are asking for their rights,” he said.

He cited example of Haryana again and said “While in Uttar Pradesh the farmer land is taken away forcibly, in Haryana farmers are paid adequate compensation, help and employment.”

We are yet to get any reaction from Diggy Chacha as he was in Madhya Pradesh.

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