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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

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New Law Minister asks Supreme Court not to be biased towards 2G case innocent people; Diggy Chacha Hurray

Supporting Digvijay Singh’s (Diggy Chacha) statement in a different way, the new law minister has urged the Supreme Court to speak in one voice and reform in the direction of consistency, an oblique suggestion that the high-profile individuals arrested in the 2G spectrum scandal and other corruption cases deserve to get bail.

Just few days back, Diggy Chacha said Suresh Kalmadi (Brother Suru) and ex-CM of Maharashtra and President of Adarsh Society Residential Founder Member Association Ashok Chavan are innocent and he felt sorry for their inclusion in corruption charges.

Copying Chacha but in polished way, the new Law Minister, Salman Khurshid (Salman Bhaai) in an interview with a leading news paper daily pointed to the precedent of the judiciary giving bail to industrialist Lalit Mohan Thapar in 1986. "I can't say all those judges were wrong, starting from Krishna Iyer. Lalit Mohan Thapar was given bail at the judge's residence.

Now you may not like it but the point remains that that was the law of the land. That you must go the extra mile to ensure that the person does not suffer before you are able to finally, institutionally condemn him. This is not my view but the view of the Supreme Court.

The judges can change their mind and there is nothing wrong with it. But my question is: Is it the position of the court or is it one of the positions it has taken?" Members of Parliament A Raja, Kanimozhi and Suresh Kalmadi, as well as top executives of companies, are in jail facing corruption charges, unable to secure bail, leading many to observe that the courts are parsimonious with granting bail.

A source from opposition party said Salman Khurshid is a 3rd well-wisher of corrupted politicians who revealed himself after Kapil Uncle, Diggy Chacha.

Salman Bhaai put all the blames on media that has done harm to these innocent politicians (yea before Court punish them for anything, they are innocent - Diggy Chacha) and said “the relentless media attention and pressure could have played a part in courts denying bail to those accused of involvement in corruption scandals, Khurshid said. Media pressure is very great and not every judge can withstand media pressure. Forget a judge, not any minister can withstand media pressure." One of my reporter friends asked me “Is this a complement to media or a poor humor?”

One supporter of Diggy Chacha said “Salman Bhaai can’t take Diggy Chacha’s credit. He was the first mover to tell corrupted politicians are naive. However, Bhaai not at all maintained a word in his entire interview that he was inspired from Diggy Chacha.”

One Andhra based fan T.V. Raj of Maria Susairaj protested against Salman Bhaai and said “What was Salman Bhaai doing when world’s most beautiful woman in the world, Maria was in jail? She spent her life’s most precious 3 years in the jail and missed most of the movies which Aishwarya (Robot), Asin (Ghajini) and Kareena (3 Idiots) had done. Even Sonakshi’s Dabangg was also offered first to Maria… sob sob…” said her fan.

Salman Bhaai has humbly admitted the government's shortcomings, but said the judiciary, too, has failings it must correct. He hit a sixer "They must have their own internal norms and codes which allow for a greater reflection of a collective opinion rather than an opinion of one or two benches," he said.

Editor’s note- Wow Salman Bhaai aate hi gyaan dena suru kiya Supreme Court ko. Do you really think granting bail to A. Raja, Kanimozhi and Kalmadi is a collective opinion of Indian people? Or is it the collective opinion of the Congress Party?

When we asked an opposition leader he said “when your neck is in the hands of Supreme Court, you should not criticize it. He further clarified that Salman Bhaai’s statements show resentment against top court’s decision to annul the appointment of PJ Thomas as Central Vigilance Commissioner and declared unconstitutional the government- backed anti-Maoist militia group Salwa Judum. It is monitoring the probe into the 2G wireless spectrum scandal and has taken over the investigation of the black money stash overseas by appointing a special team, leading to concerns that the judiciary is encroaching into the domain of the executive. However, if as a ruling party you don’t fulfill your duties, the Court had to enter to clean the entire system.”

One top leader from the alliance of Congress led UPA said “the government is totally irritated and has asked the Supreme Court to review its decision to appoint the special investigation team in the black money case.”

Salman Bhaai envisaged a major reform in judiciary system (It’s not related to Jan Lokpal Bill; according to him it does not deserve attention as it is unconstitutional and will not allow politicians and bureaucrats to take a bribe; their fundamental right). The voice of the Supreme Court, not just that of a judge or a bench, should be heard, Khurshid, who has been designated a senior advocate of the court, said. He cited the examples of Pakistan, the US and Canada, where all the judges of the top court sit together to hear cases, but not in India.

Editor’s note - Salman Bhaai, India’s judiciary system is already moving at a tortoise speed and with this kind of reform you want to further slow it down. At least you could have discussed it with World’s most intelligent mascot, Diggy Chacha. He would have told you a stupid idea. Further, if you feel you become India’s most powerful person just because you get the post of Law Minister try to speed up for the death sentences of Afzal Guru (in Diggy Chacha’s words Afzalji) and Kasab (in Diggy Chacha’s words Kasabji).

"People say it is now too late for us to turn back the clock. But how can we say we can't do this but we can clean up black money? Cleaning up black money is as hard as reforming the Supreme Court, not in order to get something of an advantage over them but to actually give them an advantage they need," he said. This is great statement boss, first you allow them to park outside the country by keeping loop holes and now if the Court asks you clarification you give Rahul Baba kind of answer. Only 99% terror can be solved and not 100%.  

"I am not happy that we don't get to know the vision and the view of the entire court." How so unfortunate! Salman Bhaai suggested that Gopal Subramanium, who resigned as solicitor general earlier this month, did not get along well with Attorney General Ghoolam Vahanvati, the country's top law officer.

"It didn't, unfortunately, appear to work like a well-oiled machine and there may have been reasons of different nature on why things were not working that effectively. I am sad it came to this point," he said, referring to the relationship between the two men. He kept mum on Kapil Uncle’s saga.

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