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Sunday, 17 July 2011

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Rajnath Singh faces media after a long time; talks on various subjects

Making the fun of most intelligent leader in the world Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha), BJP Leader Rajnath Singh (Rajjuji) shocked media and said “Diggy is should face the intelligence agencies.”

"One of the terror links led to Sanjarpur in Azamgarh district. Digvijay had been there recently. Digvijay has demanded that RSS be interrogated without any intelligence from either any security agency or even some sources. He has made this statement for votes. He should understand that the country does not consider every Muslim a terrorist. It is high time that Singh realises this," Rajjuji said. However, Congress spokesperson denied the statement and said Diggy Chacha is just spreading awareness against Saffron terror without any goal. He said Chacha has took a political sanyaas since a long time and no intention to fight for elections. Diggy Chacha is a very humble and kind person a next best Gandhian who also proved his humbleness by saying he forgives Facebook.

Rajjuji queried the intelligence of the Congress high command and asked the question that how can Diggy Chacha still remain the party’s general secretary after making such kind of statements.

Rajjuji who was facing camera after a long time (last time DCFC remembered was at the time of UP’s elections) made a statement on Rahul Baba’s Theory of 99% said that UPA had prevented 99% terrorist attacks. "Does that mean that 1% terrorist attacks cannot be prevented? Now Congress is measuring terrorism is percentage.
This is very unfortunate. It has no comprehensive action plan to combat terrorism. US killed Osama but we can't even extradite Dawood. Even though Pakistan has not cracked down on terrorists, our PM starts dialogue with it," he said.

Further showing himself as a national leader talked about Maharashtra’s problems. On Maharashtra, chief minister Prithviraj Chavan's statement that Congress should have retained the home portfolio, he said that coalition partners should not squabble among each other. "If they can't run the show, it is better to break up," he remarked. 
Rajjuji also opened up an social economist in his heart. He said that the Indian economy had become directionless under UPA government. "UPA leaders think that if the GDP grows by over 8% every one is rich. They are unable to control inflation and corruption. The rural economy has collapsed. Drastic increase in interest rates has reduced investment and industrial growth. BJP demands that the government should present a white paper on the economy."

Rajjuji confirmed similar rallies that Rahul Baba made in Chandrapur and Yavatmal districts (Congress led Maharashtra, what was he doing there?) on similar issues of land acquisition. He charged Congress with deceiving farmers in the states ruled by their party and challenged Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi to resolve the plight of farmers in Maharashtra. He also felt sad that media didn’t cover the issues and his efforts.

"Congress has withheld the Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill since last five years. However, now under the pressure of BJP, it has agreed to table it in the coming session. If land acquisition continues at this rate, the country may face a food grain shortage," Rajjuji said.

The senior BJP leader demanded that agriculture be declared as 'national occupation', and called for steps to ensure that no land would be acquired without consent of farmers.

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