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Thursday, 14 July 2011

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Kapil Uncle back to work; favours 'flexibility' in education system

After a long time Kapil Sibal (Kapil Uncle) talked about the work with intentions of introducing reforms in educational sector. It was a long time when he seriously talked about something relevant to his work portfolio. Congress source said it was yesterday when Madamji and Manmohanji brainwashed him to stop introducing strange theories like Zero Loss and More Penalty Less Recovery theories and concentrate on work.

Asserting that "flexibility" should be at the heart of reforms in education sector, HRD Minister and inventor of Zero Loss and More Penalty Less Recovery theories Kapil Uncle favoured removing boundaries between science, arts and commerce disciplines to enable children pick the subjects of their choice.

"Children must have the choice at any stage of their life to move from one discipline to another. The flexibility of the education system must be at the heart of education reforms. Why can't a child take music and maths, commerce and history or geography and physics," he said. Uncle this question can’t be asked to general category students who don’t have any choice. When we asked opposition party guy about the radical changes that Uncle wants to make, he said first do something to reduce the ever increasing cost of education. The fees of non-governmental schools are increasing more than the income growth. He said in India it is a right to education for every person but upto what level, is it school or college or first decide that. Congress spokesperson said that its always opposition party people see bad in whatever good deeds Congress had done over last decade. He said “you can now see 5-Star schools everywhere in India. Huge amount of foreign investments has already come to this industry. Further this has become a big and fast growing business which has happened in Congress Raj.”

Further sticking to his logic, Uncle said "we must destroy the disciplines we talk about -- commerce, arts and science. Discipline of knowledge is only acquisition of knowledge and not that you are fit for science so you are in science... you are in arts you are fit for arts."

He also gave advise to general public who can just chew his advises because of no money in their pockets. He said, this change can only happen when people stop thinking in "silos", he said addressing at a global education meet here.

The minister also batted for bringing uniformity among the universities in academics and quality for easy student migration with steps like introduction of "semester system".

The government, he said, is also committed to raise the gross enrollment ratio in the country from 15 to 30 per cent by 2020 so as to create that critical mass of students to move into the university system and gainfully contribute to the future of the country.

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