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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Part II - Diggy Chacha’s Gandhian approach; says Kalmadi and Chavan are innocent

We are continuing the 2nd Part of Series on Congress’ new found Gandhian Mr. Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha)
Great Politician and author of How to become by using powers, Mr. Suresh Kalmadi has started his day with tears of happiness today. Reading newspapers though is his day-to-day activity has not remained inspirational any more over last few days. Daily news contents make him feel bad as where the nation is going. Everyday newspaper is coming with new scam whether it will be Common Wealth Games, 2G Scam, Kapil Sibal’s Zero Loss Theory (invented particularly in this scam period), and many more. Though mind supports Anna Hazare a lot still brain thinks Congress is correct. However, among all these negative developments in a news paper, Kalmadi sought a major eye catching headline which literally made him cry with a loud joy. Tears flowed everywhere and the joy which he was missing for last 1 year has started flowing out of his heart. The mind said yes Suru yes there is always an end to bad cycle. World’s most intelligent and best politician has accepted your efforts. Now there is no worry and no need to fear. Now you are again in a process of becoming “Suru” from “Kallu”. Long period of 1 year, but still when the end is sweet all can be forgotten in 1 moment. Same thing happened with highly intelligent still media shy (we have not seen him frequently during last 1 year) ex-CM of Maharashtra Mr. Ashok Chavan.

The great joy that Suresh Kalmadi (no not Kalmaid at Soniaji’s house) derived was just because of the recognition of his innocence that Congress General Secretary Mr. Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) addressed in the party workers meeting. One Congress Party worker present at the meeting said Diggy Chacha’s eyes were wet and no party worker dared any eye-to-eye contact. He said the language was so clear and pure that all party workers convinced that Congress Party is the party of forgiveness and nonviolence and nobody will be hurt even if they may be charged with different scams. He said that it happen people charged with different scams but no Cogress representative can do any scam. Allegations are part of life said Congress Party worker, many Congress Party workers may face the charges of scams and different allegations in a near future, but the speech that Diggy Chacha gave convinces us that the party will always remain with us in spite of any kind of situation (or scam).

The worker said with anonymity, everybody in the meeting said “aey” “long live Diggyji, long live Suruji and long live Ashokji” after hearing the next words Diggy Chacha. Diggy Chacha said he sympathized with the two leaders. "We feel sorry for Kalmadi who is suffering hardships and also for Ashok Chavan. In my personal opinion, both of them are innocent. But whenever any corruption charges are levelled, Sonia Gandhi (Madamji) has to take action," he said. These words clear the sky which was surrounded by black rainy clouds and rains they were started dropping. Ma Madamji had to take such a strict decision with her most loyal, honest and most innocent children just to indicate country comes first. Something happened and clouds tore apart and started raining as sky is crying for the sacrifice that Chacha and Ma Madamji made.

Diggy Chacha said Congress had always fought corruption and added it was because of the Right to Information law brought by the party government that the recent scams had been exposed.

Editor’s Note - DCFC had not understood few things, apologize to Diggy Chacha. First Diggy Chacha said Kalmadi and Chavan are innocent and he also said Congress Party brought Right to Information law therefore scams had been exposed. These statements were contradicting each other. Therefore, we called a Congress Party man who told us Diggy Chacha doesn’t make any wrong statement. Though, the scam that was exposed because of RTI law was 2G Scam wherein the DMK MPs were arrested. However, there are few things that need to be amended in the law as it captured innocent Kalmadi and Chavan which Diggy Chacha will discuss in near future and will try to make them pass from Parliament.

Some RSS person had seen saying that pehele to 2G scam hone diya fir khudne hi find out kiya... and now they are saying give us the votes because we introduced RTI law which found out 2G scam. (Diggy Chacha will ignore this statement).

The party worker didn’t forget to maintain the forgiveness of Diggy Chacha which can be traced through his statement that judiciary should consider granting bail to accused in cases where chargesheet was filed and investigations were complete, in what was seen as a reference to DMK MP Kanimozhi, who is in jail for the 2G scam.

However, DCFC heard some voices from Senior Congress Party leaders about Diggy Chacha, “ignore him.” 

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