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Thursday, 14 July 2011

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Diggy Chacha bang on target; Pune Party Workers Kalmadi back in Congress

Congress Party office in Delhi is in a celebration mood and feels proud of their most intelligent leader and considered as today’s Chanakya of Cogress, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) who able to fuel new life in Pune Congress ahead of Municipal Corporation elections. Showing his greatness and making himself sit besides Great Mahatma Gandhi through his great Gandhian approach, Diggy Chacha yesterday called Suresh Kalmadi (currently Kallu but erstwhile Suru) and Ashok Chavan as innocent. He cleared that Congress (particularly Madamji) had to sacrifice these two warriors due to corruption charges revealed through draconian Rights to Information (RTI) Act. However, the greatness of Diggy Chacha was such that he kept maintaining that RTI Act is still introduced by Congress Government in spite of being its draconian nature which was another sacrifice. One follower of Diggy Chacha’s intelligence said Diggy Chacha feel his heart burning while talking about Madamji’s (Ma Soniaji) sacrifices. Ok so let’s comeback from off topic to focus one.

So following Congress general secretary Diggy Chacha’s clean chit to Pune MP Suresh Kalmadi, his supporters in the city have demanded withdrawal of Kalmadi's suspension from the Congress party. One Congress Party Worker in Pune told DCFC just when Chacha said I feel sorry that Ashok Chavan had to be removed (as chief minister) and my brother Suru (Suresh Kalmadi) is suffering, everybody in the conference room was stunned everybody was shocked. Our eyes fully opened and we felt how much trouble Chacha and Madamji had to face because of all these controversies built up. We with a united voice gave our protest against draconian RTI Act. Source further added Chacha’s greatness and said to avoid take an additional efforts to Congress Spokesperson he said I am personally confident that both are not guilty. Otherwise Congress Spokesperson had to take a press conference and required to maintain it was Diggy Chacha’s personal views. “How great he was,” Party Worker said.

Diggy Chacha was the first that any senior Congress leader has come openly in the support of Kalmadi and accepted his greatness and contribution to the party. Chacha's remarks on Kalmadi evoked massive response in the Pune's Congress Bhawan and his supporters immediately are pushing for Kalmadi’s return to the party. Supporters said “we are with Madamji and we know she is prone to sacrifices so we ask one sacrifice for us from her against the country people. We ask her to relieve Suruji and to invite him again in Congress Party.”

Former minister of state for homes in Maharashtra Ramesh Bagwe, former Pune mayor Rajani Tribhuvan and other Kalmadi supporters met Singh and requested to support their demand of Kalmadi's come back in the party.

Chacha was positive in his response and he said that the matter will be raised before the party leaders said Kalmadi supporters following the meeting with Singh.

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