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Friday, 9 November 2012

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Mukesh Ambani filed a suit against Arvind Kejriwal for undermining his wealth in Swiss Banks


Owner of Reliance Industries and India's wealthiest businessman, Mukesh Ambani filed a suit against aspiring politician Arvind Kejriwal for undermining his black money in Swiss bank. Kejriwal earlier accused Ambani brothers for stashing away Rs 100 crore each on their personal accounts in the Swiss branch of HSBC.

"WTF! How is it possible that we will keep our one month salary in the Swiss bank? That looks so ridiculous and portrays us a poor Indian rather than richest Indian," said Mukesh Ambani.

He said "We could have been happier if he had said that we had some 1-2 lakh crore amount outside India. But that's Rs 100 crore look so fucking that we feel embarrassing to attend any party."

The embarrassment came to Burman brothers of Dabur who put some paltry 25 crore rupees in Swiss bank, according to Kejriwal. However, they denied that they would like to sue Kejriwal as they have some more work to do.

"We don't have time to run behind Kejriwal. It is always better to run for few more bucks so that Swiss bank will give us more incentives," said Anand Chand Burman of Dabur.

Anil Ambani, however, supported his brother and said that he is finding out legal options to sue Kejriwal.

"I want to ask him only one question. Despite agreeing that I am becoming poorer much fast than Vijay Mallya, why did Arvind Kejriwal undermined my black money? Rs 100 crore is so cheap, yucks," said Anil Ambani.

Reaction to all the developments, Vijay Mallya said "He he he. These Ambanis were showing their attitude everyday as they are wealthiest. But now I come to know they need some funding help from me. Ha ha ha. This is bigger joke that I am saving Kingfisher by selling my profitable business. He he he. Ho ho ho."

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