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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

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Don’t take him seriously; Nitinji

Enjoying the pleasure of cool weather of London on a 6-day visit, BJP President Nitin Gadkari (Nitinji) criticized Congress Party general secretary Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) for saying that the involvement of radical Hindu outfits could not be ruled out in the recent serial Mumbai bombings. He said that Diggy Chacha doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

"I don't want to take him seriously. The best thing is that I don't want to make any comment," said Gadkari.

One senior leader of Congress Party said “it is really unfortunate as Nitin Gadkari is making such irresponsible statement. We condemn him for not taking our most respected leader”. He also acknowledged Chacha’s private intelligence bureau’s (DCPIB) work and said “DCPIB has got evidences and we shall use them for UP’s upcoming elections to garner territories like Azamgarh”.

Chacha earlier claimed that he had evidence of involvement of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh, the pro-Hindu radical outfit, in militant activities except the latest serial explosions in Mumbai.

After ignoring Chacha’s statement, Nitinji moved towards broader issues and slammed the Congress's comment that India does not have a strong opposition. Nitinji said “this is a tit for tat. As they ignore us as a strong opposition, we ignore Diggy Chacha who is Guru of Rahul Baba”. He further said that Umaji’s view that Diggy is stepney of Rahul makes clear about our level of ignorance for him. One BJP insider said that after Nitinji became BJP President, BJP started playing fat politics.

Nitinji said that his party did not need to give proof of their work to the ruling government rather it was for the people of the country to decide.

"We don't want or don't need a certificate from the Congress party. We are the opposition party; our contribution in Indian democracy is to be well understood by the people of India. So, we are fighting on that," he added.

Nitinji called the international community to join hands in strengthening the global framework against militancy in the light of the renewed attacks in Mumbai.

"It's the need for the world community to unite on the issue and to fight with the terrorist organizations. We should make boycott on the countries those who are sponsoring and supporting terrorism and to take stern actions on the countries those who are supporting terrorist activities and terrorist organizations. That is the need of the world community which I feel," he added.

Nitinji slammed the governance capabilities of ruling Congress party saying that the Indian political set up needed constructive thinking and fast track decision making process for speeding up the progress rate.

"The wrong policies and wrong economic policies, and bad and corrupt governance are the basic reasons for our problems. If development oriented governance comes in the Indian political setup, then the constructive thinking and fast track decision making process is there, and hence the future of the country can immediately be improved," he added.

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