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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

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Quote-Unquote after Diggy Chacha’s statement over Sangh’s involvement in Mumbai terror blasts Statements of Diggy Chacha

"I have been saying RSS was spreading terrorism in the country and it has been making bomb factories," Diggy Chacha said.

Chacha said "The possibility of 'Sanghi' fascists' (being behind the blasts) cannot be ruled out," he said. He also clarified that he had not used the word "Hindu fascists" but "Sanghi fascists".

BJP’s replies

"Digvijaya's statement for the sake of few votes may put the country in danger as it gives an opportunity to Pakistan to save itself on the issue of terrorism at the international level," said Murli Manohar Joshi, senior leader of BJP.

“The BJP strongly condemns the disgusting statements of Digvijaya Singh and seeks an apology from Congress chief Sonia Gandhi,” the party spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain. “What Rahul Gandhi does not wish to say himself, he makes Singh speak. Singh’s statement is a pre-planned political game and is given at the instance of Sonia and Rahul,” said Hussain.

"I don't want to take him seriously. The best thing is that I don't want to make any comment," said BJP President Nitin Gadkari.

"One of the terror links led to Sanjarpur in Azamgarh district. Digvijay had been there recently. Digvijay has demanded that RSS be interrogated without any intelligence from either any security agency or even some sources. He has made this statement for votes. He should understand that the country does not consider every Muslim a terrorist. It is high time that Singh realises this," senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh said.

Congress’ replies

"It is the job of the investigating agencies to decide whom to include and whom to exclude" in the probe, party spokesman Shakeel Ahmed

Few comments appreciating Diggy Chacha on the internet
Man this guys got a free license to abuse, insult, attack anyone and everyone except sonia & amul baby. He sure is suffering from compulsive talking disorder...

Digvijay singh, you will be responsible for UPA losing the next elections......We the people of India promise you that.

sad state....india's misfortune that such people are governing us:((((

This man looks to be under some bad influence. let all readers ignore his remarks and TOI stop quoting such remarks which is detrimental to the country's interests...

What a shame....what a shame. Congress and especially Digvijay Singh is playing cheap politics. Pakistan must be a happy soul. Now they just have to plant a bomb and make Indians blame each other but them. I never had an issue with Sonia Gandhi's foreign origin and had great respect for Manmohan Singh. But scams after scam and now when India is bleeding, I want both of them out of the office. Manmohan Singh don't even talk like a man. When he gives a warning to perpetrators, it seems he is pleading with terrorists. We need an able Prime Minister not a puppet at helm. God bless India.

I am sure this congrees party can do anything for power, even they do not hesitate to sell the part of country for sake of power.

I would not be surprised if tomorrow Digvijay singh come up with a new story ( to appease all muslims in the world ) that 9/11 in US was done by RSS and Hindus in US.

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