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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

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Diggy Chacha’s statement made impact; Anna seeks Supreme Court’s intervention before fast

Despite continuous efforts of few senior Congress leaders (due to jealousy) and BJP, somebody has given importance to the statements of India’s most intelligent leader and Guru of Rahul Baba, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha). Gandhian activist Anna Hazare on Sunday said that he will seek the Supreme Court's intervention against government's plans to "suppress" his fast over the Lokpal bill beginning August 16.

"Government leaders have been saying that they will suppress the agitation of Anna Hazare as had been done in the case of Ramdev. Is this democracy or autocracy? You cannot suppress.... That is why we will go to the Supreme Court tomorrow (Monday)," Hazare said.

The activist, who maintained that the constitution has given right to every citizen to protest democratically, said he will launch his indefinite fast here from August 16 as announced.

"The Constitution has given right to every citizen to lodge protest. We will launch the agitation from August 16," he said. The exercise to work out an agreed draft of the Lokpal Bill between the government and Hazare-led civil society had ended in failure last month after which Hazare had announced that he will go ahead with his August fast.

One Congress leader on the condition of anonymity said “this is a clear win for Diggy Chacha who was consistently trying to expose the hands of RSS behind Ramdev Baba and Anna Hazare”. The leader further added “Annaji must have done it because nobody knows what Diggy Chacha thinks but Diggy Chacha knows what everybody thinks”.

One source said “Diggy Chacha told Rahul Baba few rules to how to become popular amongst common Indian people”. The source was hesitant initially to give the list, however, after persuasion he told us 5 rules.
Five Rules of Diggy Chacha (Gyanarjan to Rahul Baba)
1.     Try to talk on every subject whether you know it or not (DCFC covered this rule in our earlier articles. Please read….).
2.     Understand the needs of your customers, few may not require the product but still you can sell (Diggy Chacha’s remarks over RSS).
3.     Try to remain always on Google news “Top Stories” page and also in the column “In the news”.
4.     Understand your strengths. (Always blame it on Hindus, RSS, Real estate developers, etc. but don’t forget Congress’ philosophy nobody is your enemy.)
5.     Always try to create fear of your power among others (e.g. Anna Hazare must need to study Ramdev Baba’s case before sitting on the fast).

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