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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Diggy Chacha describes Shiv Sena and RPI alliance as an opportunist

Taking it as a joke of the year, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) scrapped the chances of any harm from Shiv Shakti and Bhim Shakti alliance to Congress in Maharashtra. Interestingly he used the word “hobnob” which means Mix socially, esp. with those of higher social status for Ramdas Athavale. However, DCFC has not understood the meaning behind this word and is trying to find out from inside sources. 

The entire saga began after Ramdas Athavale an honorable and most popular Dalit leader in Maharashtra (though he has always tough times to win the elections) decided to break alliance with Congress and NCP. The new political equation in Maharashtra, reflected in the alliance between Shiv Sena and the Ramdas Athavale-led faction of Republican Party of India (RPI).
However, despite Congress showed low significance to this event (as it was busy in fighting corruption, rallying, footmarch, Lokpal Bill, 2G cases and many more things?). Even DCFC ignored the news of alliance and considered it as not so much importance. However, Diggy Chacha, Chanakya of Congress and 
India’s most intelligent leader in India had different things in mind. He described the said alliance as an "opportunist" posture.

He attacked Athavale for joining hands with the Bal Thackeray-led party, which he said, can never support the cause of dalits.

"It is an opportunist alliance. I know Athavale well but I condemn his hobnobbing with Shiv Sena which has insulted Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Shiv Sena can never support the Dalit cause," he said while addressing party workers at Congress Bhavan. 

Party insider said with anonymity that Diggy Chacha is emerging as a national leader with love and affection towards Muslims and Dalits. He said Diggy Chacha believes that if they condemn RSS they come more close to Muslims while condemning Shiv Sena and RPI alliance will help party bring back Dalit votes and ensure a very little harm to party. The source further added that upcoming Pune Municipal Corporation elections are in Diggy Chacha’s mind.

Diggy Chacha asked Congressmen to gear up for the elections to Pune Municipal Corporation scheduled early next year.

Care should be taken to see that communal forces did not benefit in any fight between Congress and NCP in the state, the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister reiterated the strategy maintained by Party insider.

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