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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Dalit ki beti ignoring Dalits; says Diggy Chacha

With tears in his eyes but showing strength in his arms, best political leader on earth and emerging Gandhian Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) accused chief minister Mayawati of violating a ban on acquisition of dalit land despite being a "dalit ki beti". Chacha’s statement came just after Rahul Gandhi’s (Rahul Baba) padyatra and farmers rally in Aligarh.

Emerging as a real hero for Dalits, the AICC general secretary Diggy Chacha wrote to the chief minister on Monday, annexing an order issued in 1985 which barred acquisition of land belonging to dalits on the grounds that the community had the least landholding. He further recalled in the statement that the said ban on dalit land passed by Congress government.

Congress Party insider said that Diggy Chacha considers every Indian as an important asset (RSS and Hindus should close their ears) and wants everybody to realize that Congress is always there for their welfare. DCFC asked the insider that was that a deliberate effort that Diggy Chacha will make such kind of statement after Rahul Baba’s rally. The source said that it was not on a political agenda but Diggy Chacha’s broad heart wants to do best for all people who remained behind in the path of growth and development.
Insider said Diggy Chacha dig a lot to find out what Congress Party had done for Dalits in past. So he had to dig till 1985 and found out the order issued by state revenue secretary to district magistrates dated September 24, 1985, wrote to Mayawati, "If you had enforced this order, you would not have acquired the land of dalits and given them to millionaire builders."

He added that if the chief minister wanted the welfare of dalits, she should revoke all dalit land acquisitions during her tenure or compensate them with land allocation elsewhere.

Inspired by 2 Gandhians (Diggy Chacha and Rahul Baba), AICC spokesman Abhishek Singhvi also made a nonviolent statement and said BSP was scared of the support garnered by Rahul and it was showing in its reactions which were nothing short of abuses. After a long time, Mr. Singhvi made any statement. However, he kept mum on the question that whether he will get any promotion to Ministry levels in near future. He reiterated Diggy Chacha’s finding that there is an understanding between BSP and BJP. He accused BSP of being in league with BJP and said while it was not surprising given their past alliances, they were trying to hide the understanding.

BSP or Behanji had not make any statement yet.

With Congress deciding to hold 'kisan mahapanchayats' across the state, the land acquisition issue can only gain traction and sharpen the rivalry between the ruling party and the Congress.

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