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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

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Another personal revenge after Prashant Bhushan; CAG reports against Kapil Sibal

Inventor of Zero Loss and high penalty low refund Theories, Telecom Minister and widely known as the best lawyer and second most intellectual of India Mr. Kapil Sibal (Kapil Uncle) has been getting major attention in public circles. To add another feather in his cap, the CAG’s Washington division has found that when Uncle was Minister of science and technology “favoured” a US-based firm his “dream project” of creating a database for over 5 lakh working professionals of People of Indian Origin settled in the US (PIOUS). The CAG’s report is scheduled to be tabled in Parliament in the ensuing monsoon session.

The report claims that Sibal’s ministry “overlooked rules and regulations” and “handpicked” M/s Phoenix Rose LLC, 
Maryland for the job, in violation of the “General Finance Rules”. The project’s cost was $1,20,000. But, three years after the initiation, the company has dumped the networking site, completing just over 16% of the targeted work. However, government sources said the said incident was happened at the time when Uncle was Minister of science and technology and currently he is Telecom Minister so he is nothing to do with the said controversy. The government source added still Kapil Uncle will come in front of media with detailed calculations and application of his Zero Loss Theory on the CAG claim. One close associate of Kapil Uncle said that Uncle in private said same thing which he told at the time of media conference about Prashant Bhushan. Uncle said that CAG is misusing its role to tarnish the image of Ministers… CAG should not use its rights to settle personal scores. It is a dishonest report…governments cannot function in this manner.” When DCFC digged into matters, sources said CAG was taking revenge on Uncle’s statement which he made last month. Kapil Uncle will visit Madamji’s office and also visit Manmohanji and Rahul Baba to prove his innocence and honesty towards Congress Party.

Uncle last month made a statement that the time had come to debate the role of the CAG’s office. “What should be the CAG’s role in the post-1990 economic scenario? There are two views - one that says the CAG should comment on policy, and there is another classical view that it should only deal with the expenditure incurred and whether it has moved away from the intent of allocation. That it should not comment on the merits of a transaction without understanding the circumstances in which the decision was taken. Yes, there should be a debate.”
According to Report, most of the project payment was “released” even before completion of the first phase. Payments were made in “three installments of $25,000, $26,200 and $38,800, in February, August and December, 2007 respectively”. The vendor, however, collected data of “only 3,300 professionals” against the “targeted 20,000” for the first phase. And profiles of “only eight associations” were included in the database, against a list of “200 associations” identified. Despite the failures of the firm in meeting its first phase targets, the CAG notes, the department of science and technology sanctioned implementation of the second phase at a cost of $30,000.
The principal director for audit at the India embassy in Washington has noted in the report that “unfruitful expenditure and undue favour was given to the vendor”.

To understand the reasons behind the difficult occurrences in Kapil Uncle’s life these days we asked India’s well known astrologer Mr. Anjan Copycatwalla. Mr. Anjan first attributed all his success to Maa Durga and said Kapil is born in Leo sign and currently the signals are not good. A soul mate connection is great, but at the same time it brings a certain amount of anxiety which has to be faced and resolved. Focusing on a goal with positive visualization helps manifest it very quickly.

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