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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

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Shashi Tharoor reveals name of all 23 wives and demands divorce law should be named after him

Adding a new twist to the entire Rape Law naming saga, the Minister of Human Resource Development on Tuesday revealed names of all his 23 hidden and non-hidden wives at one go and demanded that Divorce Law should be named after him for its extensive use. Shashi Tharoor was addressing a press conference in Delhi replying to the questions of reporters over his controversial tweet proposing to name the anti-rape law by the victim's real name.
Shashi Tharoor said "I have 3 open wives while rest unopened, i.e. hidden. I kept them hidden as like the files are hidden in the folder. Now I reveal names of all the wives one by one."
Tharoor started revealing the names each and every wife and stopped after the name of Sunanda Pushkar.
After recalling all the 23 names including his current wife Sunanda Pushkar, Shashi Tharoor said "I still remember the names of all my 23 wives and I told you that in one go. Sunanda is last but the best (Shashi looked in Sunanda's eyes and vice versa with passionate smile). I don't just propose the Rape Law should be named after the victim but the divorce law should get my name. Shashi Tharoor Divorce Act, 2012. Look at my profile nobody has used that law so extensively."
He said "Thanks to Indian Premier League, I now have the great person with me who is my last wife."

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