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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

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After NASA's discovery of water, Shekhar Kapur announced plans to shoot 'Paani' on Mercury

Immediately reacting to NASA's announcement that its Messenger probe has discovered new evidence of water ice on Mercury, India's global movie director Shekhar Kapur said that his next movie, 'Paani' will be shoot on Mercury.

"We plan to shoot entire movie on planet Mercury. We filed our entire project idea with the respected authorities which my team made after a tedious overnight work. Even actor Hrithik Roshan gave his nod and eager to work on Mercury," said Shekhar Kapur.

In the announcement, Sean Solomon, principal investigator for the Mercury Messenger program, said the probe had uncovered new evidence that deposits in permanently shadowed regions of Mercury's poles is water ice. The ice is found predominantly in impact craters, according to data obtained by Messenger.

He said that the whole idea of earth's future without water would be more intelligently and adequately be represented through the Mercury.

"It is interesting whole new concept that Earth without water. As soon as, I got the news that NASA discovered water on Mercury I became excited that Mercury will play a major role in the movie. It will be rescuer for the actor and actress who would settle down to Mercury to drink water ice. I also show that Hrithik along with his heroine would develop teeth to break ice and convert it into water," said the 'Bandit Queen' fame director to India Satire correspondent. Sources said that movie producer Dany Boyle will be ready to pour the money for arranging a visit to Mercury.

Other small movie director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is out of all the money resources because of exciting flops like Guzaarish is also planning to shoot using Mercury. Sources said that the director would go to sleep tonight and would imagine the entire Mercury planet by moving to that planet in his dreams and would portray the entire set in black or gray shades.

"Yea that's true. I am planning to visit Mercury, tonight only. I would love to use the idea in my next film," said Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

For the time being, leaders of major political parties met in secret meetings to understand how to settle down on Mercury before the water on the earth will be finished.

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