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Friday, 28 December 2012

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Poonam Pandey threatens India to post her nude pictures

Desperately seeking to get nude, hot beauty Poonam Pandey threatened all Indians that she would strip if continuously ignored again and again. Poonam announced that she is not very happy that her fans are moving towards more sensible topics like politics, gang rape issue and terrorism while ignoring her in day-to-day life.

"This is shocking that nobody really post me in their news. I haven't seen myself in the headlines for long. Daily what I am seeing is FDI in retail news, some political issues, parliamentary logjam, gang rapes and terrorism. Nobody really bothers what Poonam is doing. Therefore, I decided that if people and media ignore me I will strip to the end. Don't take it as a joke as like I made last time when I promised to strip after India would win world cup or KKR would win IPL or Rahul will marry, but take it as a challenge, this time I am surely going to do this (Poonam forcefully threw her hand on the desk). Looking at laws in India, I will really strip," said Poonam Pandey.

People are talking that post KKR's win of IPL, Poonam never stripped and that kept her out of news.

"Yea there was no sensible issue or important objective that motivated me to go nude for a while for my fans. But that doesn't mean that they can't wait me for showing my great fixed assets. This time I will actually disrobe in front Indians," said Poonam Pandey.

However, fans are not really happy as historical evidences suggest Poonam Pandey hardly kept her promise. She earlier said that she would strip if India wins world cup. However, after attracting huge fan base she told that she disrobed in her bathroom. Same way after KKR's win, she avoided front view and gave glimpse of rear view, which irritated her lot of fans.

One of her fans, Sunil Yadav said "I lost my half hair waiting to see Poonam's beauty. Now again she is threatening us to recognise and follow her on regular basis otherwise she will strip is just too much. I sincerely ask government to take legal action for such challenges which keep fans on health risks."

According to Poonam's close friends, she is so sensible that after disrobing herself post KKR won she never went to bathroom as no new major topic was available to provide darshan to her fans.

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