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Thursday, 20 December 2012

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Narendra Modi said his 3D image will act as Chief Minister of Gujarat while personally he will move to Delhi to become Prime Minister of India

"I asked my 3D image to become Chief Minister of Gujarat and let me move to work on the strategies for 2014 Elections. It is difficult to focus on both the things," said newly elected Chief Minister of Gujarat.

He said that most of the BJP leaders supported his 3D image and is eager to work under its leadership.

"I thought about this idea before the elections itself. That was the reason why I demonstrated my communication skills through my substitute that was my 3D image. Now this image is capable of handling the pressure of Chief Minister," said Modi.

However, Congress Party and Keshubhai Patel both criticised this move.

"Narendra Modi is spreading his autocratic approach to entire country. What is the idea of using 3D image as a CM," said Congress leader Shankarsinh Waghela. However, he was quite comfortable if Rahul Gandhi himself will use this unique strategy.

Keshubhai Patel said "I understood from some tech guys that 3D image has no age and I can still fight for next 20-30 years by using 3D."

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