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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

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Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde visits Dabangg 2 to rejuvenation

To revitalize, rejuvenate and rehabilitate himself, Home Minister and ex-Cop Sushil Kumar Shinde visited a theatre to watch Dabangg 2, said a source.

"He was totally sucked up after his demands for sending Shri Hafeez Saeed got trashed from Pakistan Internal Minister Rehman Malik as well as Delhi gang rape case. He felt a low life and useless kind of situation led to a total mental disability. He was also feeling very cheap and inferior towards his own outlook leading to feeling of low self esteem and worthless animal," said the source who accompanied Shinde to the theater.

He said "Shinde kept it secret while visiting the movie, as a security issue could have propelled out if any of Delhi protester have seen him in the theater. He was totally in a mental trauma where he was feeling that he is a worm in a trash bin searching for some sweets."

The source also confirmed that Shinde was feeling like a pet animal that don't have his own brain but moves with the direction given by owner.

Sushil Kumar Shinde confirmed the development and said that he visited the movie with inculcates the x-factor inside a totally sucked man like he is.

Shinde said "Dabangg 2 is quite motivational movie and that inspired me too. It instills the arrogance and attitude, the characters require for top cops and home ministers. I also remembered my old days in Maharashtra Police by watching the movie. The movie is ditto based on my life and I am sure that in Dabangg 4 Salman Khan will perform as cop turned great politician and home minister of India."

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