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Thursday, 8 November 2012

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Barack Obama to marry Mitt Romney to rehabilitate him post US Presidential election loss


Most liberal US President towards LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgenders) community, Barack Obama announced that he will marry Mitt Romney in a grand ceremony. This way Obama will rehabilitate the losing candidate in the US Presidential race and also pass the message that what he preaches he also follows that.

"Guys, I really feel sad for Romney who could not match my excellence. However, I am giving him an opportunity to become my wife so that he will be entitled to become another first lady of the great United States of America," said Barack Obama in front of a packed conference.

Taking Romney's hand into his hand, Obama said "Right at this point of time I want to announce that Romney is my wife and I will marry him in a grand ceremony for rehabilitating his life and betterment of our esteemed LGBT community."

Obama also recalled his liberal stand over LGBT community in his last term.

"I was so kind and humble enough to love all LGBT dudes. But in my first appearance as a US President I just opened gay marriages but now I will prove by marrying Romney that I am also follow what I preaches," said Obama.

He also told that his wife Michelle is very much ready for this marriage, as she feels rather than marrying a woman it is better to marry a guy.

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