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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

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Breaking: Poonam Pandey quit her first movie Nasha due to lack of exposure

If bollywood sources are to be believed, leading model turn actress, Poonam Pandey quit her first movie 'Nasha'. According to sources, controversial actress Poonam Pandey left the movie as the film had nothing hot to offer to her audience.

"Poonam was told that she would have huge exposure in this movie. However, as film progressed she was ignored. Besides 1-2 scenes she hardly got the chance to expose her beauty that disturbed her," said the source who is also close friend of Poonam Pandey.
The mahurat ceremony of Nasha was a big bang, after Poonam gave one hot bedroom scene. However, besides that there was no adult or erotic scene in the movie told sources to India Satire correspondent. Asking to keep their identity unanimous they said that entire thing disturbed Poonam a lot, as was promised her fans that she would reveal many parts of her body.
India Satire Correspondent talked to Poonam who also confirmed the development. She was disturbed and sad as she had no other movies in the pipe line.
"When I went to Amit (Amit Saxena, director of the film) asking about why there is no hot scene for me so that I can expose. He said then how would kids watch this movie. This movie is for kids and I would be performing as super girl wearing super girl's costume after that bedroom scene. He told me that I would need to wear a mask and then fly in the skies to save troubled people. He said I would be required to wear that mask till the movie ends," said Poonam Pandey.
She said "That was disgusting. I immediately quit the movie."
India Satire Correspondent contacted Director Amit Saxena. However, he denied news saying it was just a rumour and he has given many points where she can expose herself.

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