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Thursday, 29 November 2012

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Barack Obama said nation either I will solve fiscal cliff or otherwise I will fuck you


In a hard-hitting speech, US President Barack Obama signaled that he would not charge expected tax rates to upper-income Americans or otherwise he would fuck the markets and rich guys.

"Yes, I think I am a flexible a bit. I am a modest a bit too. It is my approach to give small but make it large. I know many rich Americans are expecting themselves to become poor by fiscal cliff this month. But I want to assure them that either I will resolve all the issues in a stipulated time at least in this era or I will fuck all of them. I will fuck US stock markets and I will keep my mouth shut thereafter," said President Barack Obama to give some relaxation to US citizens.

Barack Obama is in a special mood to make relax his counterparts who are not very comfortable with him. Along with rich Americans, he wanted to keep his ex-rival happy.

He said "Guys, I have already fucked Romney. Now nobody knows where he is. I have just found him in Alaska's beautiful ice cold and chilled mountains. Therfore I called him to visit White House and have lunch or dinner and get back to Alaska again."

Reacting to Obama's motivating speech, US markets rose sharply.

"Most of the stocks gone up on the new expectations that they would get fucked by Obama," said a stock expert, avoiding his identity.

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