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Friday, 25 May 2012

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Satirist found laughing after reading his own satire


Development is seen as a major blow to India's upcoming satire industry

A Mumbai based Satirist, Vivek Singh (name changed) unexpectedly found smiling and laughing after reading his own satire, which shocked many other satirists in India.

"It's strange as a satirist never laughs reading his satire. It looks so foolish. How can somebody laugh on his own joke?" asked Kisan Pawar (name changed) author of one popular satire in India.

Generally, satirists which never disclose their identity besides the commercial reasons are considered as serious people in their real life. Therefore, any satirist who is laughing on his own satire can be a really shocking development.

Feku Singh, who is tracking this industry since its inception in India said "I haven't heard any satirist laughed on the satire he own wrote. Even it was rare that he used to smile on the satires which others write. He must be some idiot who laughs on his own satire. It seems so idiotic."

He gave an example "If somebody tells a joke to a group of his friends, then it is his responsibility that he should not laugh otherwise that joke becomes boring statement. The satirists have to maintain that decorum to make others laugh. Also there are secretive reasons which include hiding the identity to general public makes them serious in public life."

Few others have different insights. Chunkey Pandey, who heads the Satirists Association for Development of India (SAD) said "Generally, it observed that 80% satirists are sadists in nature. They are so much squeezed by politicians, hypocrite personalities, their relatives and office mates, which makes them to tell the stories in a funny way."

India's telecom minister, Kapil Sibal who also regulates the laws of Satire industry in India said "I heard about such development. It can be a serious blow for the industry as this indicates that the satire profession is changing its hands to a very general and boring public which laugh on themselves. These kinds of idiot satirists should learn from us. We make serious faces so that people can laugh and reduce their stress."

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