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Friday, 15 June 2012

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Censor Board said consider Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt movies as single X

Board said that it is first move towards double X and triple X movies
Censor Board of India confirmed that there was no need for any hue and cry on whether porn movies should allow or not and take a glance of permitted movies of Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt which though are rated A are actually single X.

"Actually, we thought to take gradual efforts to make India as a hub to create beautiful, romantic and better X rated movies. However, you know, if we tell people that these are X rated movies then they will shout from their a$$ holes. But now if we fix A rating then they are happy," said Leela Samson, chairperson of Censor Board of India.
According to sources, it was a deliberate move of the Board to gradually make Indian audiences used to see such wonderful and creative pieces of Bhatt family while avoiding overdose of sex.
"Yes we are with Censor Board's plan and therefore made many experiments with our single X strategy demonstrated by Emraan Hashmi," Mahesh Bhatt told India Satire correspondent. The correspondent got a sense that he heard a voice of teeth munching while Bhatt was imposing his statement.
"Emraan has different animal in himself. The animal has hunger, lust, greed and great sucker. We identified these qualities in Emraan while other top rated actors look mostly dumb and therefore their sex scenes look idiotic. Emraan has very powerfully performed 102 lip lock scenes with numerous actresses, shows his immense caliber," said Mahesh Bhatt. However, he also told that there would be a gradual shift towards top rated actors as and when they become a bit mature.
However, recently Emraan Hashmi performed in an outside Bhatt camp movie so would he replace him with any other guy.
Mahesh Bhatt said "I have a bit better replacement better greedy, better lusty and more hungry Kunal Khemu. I will replace him against Emraan in most of the B-rated Bhatt Camp movies while Emraan will perform in A-rated Bhatt Camp movies."
Sources from Censor Board said that this is an actually a rolling plan and within 5 years we shall move to double and then next 5 years to triple.

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