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Monday, 14 January 2013

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India started living with rape incidences as routine exercise - Survey

According to a survey conducted by private surveyor, Indians learnt to live with gang rape incidences and insecure life of women. Many of Indians are started thinking over suggestions of Mohan Bhagwat, Asaram Bapu and other political leaders to help secure their women.
"Muted response on last 3 gang rapes in Punjab, Bihar and West Bengal suggests that nation is slowly learning to live with the rapes as a routine. Lack of response from countrymen also pushed media to ignore such events and vice versa," said Rajiv Dubey, survey head at Survey Monkey.
A survey conducted by Survey Monkey said that for last 2300 rapes after brutal gang rape in Delhi on 16 December 2012 saw a gradual decline in the interest of countrymen and therefore very little coverage from media. The survey suggests that a little coverage from media also reduced the interest of countrymen.
Survey Monkey's rape coverage and people interest (RCPI) index which rose to as much as 500 from 50 in the first week after Delhi gang rape dropped to 5 on January 14, 2013.
Rape Coverage and People Interest Index
Rajat Dubey said "Actually, Indians are fast improving their power to shift their interest from one thing to another. Delhi gang rape received a great kind of coverage and huge protests for 15 odd days. While now interest is on discussion over Indo-Pak relationship, rapes are now on second or third preference. Most Indians are now considering rapes as the routine in India."
Talking about woman security and demand drastic change in the rape law, Rajiv Dubey said "As political expert Sushil Kumar Shinde identified the fast forgetting capabilities of Indians, the rule applies here as well. All the media channels have already debated on the issue, all the leaders have already made their statements and all possible ways for the security and punishments have talked earlier, the fizz is now over. There is now nothing to discuss on it. Some media sources claimed that media now requires more and more brutality in the next gang rapes so that it can discuss in a greater detail. The source also told us that recent gang rapes lacked in brutality to the level of Delhi gang rape case. Therefore, these rapes don't qualify to cover. Besides media, many Indians are exploring the ways shown by Mohan Bhagwat, Asaram Bapu and more such leaders for women security."

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