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Monday, 15 October 2012

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Vijay Mallya found giving 1000 rupees cheque to beggar


However, beggar humbly denied for his great help

Vijay Mallya, Chairman of United Spirits Group found giving Rs 1000 cheque to beggars, who were begging on Bangalore streets. However, to the shock of Mallya, great new-age Entrepreneur of India, all the beggars denied his cheque humbly.

India Satire correspondent, who was present on a signal of Bangalore's MG Road said that he saw a car stopped at signal and a beggar as a natural habit went to the car and begged 2-5 rupees. However, a cheque of Rs 1000 came from inside and gave it to the beggar, which he humbly refused to take. Incidentally, the car was owned by Vijay Mallya.

The beggar, B Ramprasad said "I knew it was Mallya. Everyday for last few weeks, whenever we go to him he actually gives us a cheque and asked us to deposit. Initially, first few days we accepted those cheques and deposited in the bank, but all were bounced on account of unavailability of balance. Finally, we stopped accepting them and told him that we only accept cash or credit card that too if he bears 2% service charge."

In another incidence, Vijay Mallya himself went to one beggar called Radhakrishnan Appaswamy and offered him a 1000 rupees cheque for praying God for some bit of respite to him from Kingfisher. However, Radhakrishnan himself refused to accept the same and offered his prayers for free of cost.

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