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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

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Narendra Modi's right hand seriously damaged while lifting ‘a mace’ in Himachal Pradesh


The mace was made of 50 Kg pure gold - Keshubhai Patel

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi damaged his right hand when he lifted 50 kg pure gold 'mace' in Himachal Pradesh, offered by state BJP leaders during an election rally.

"Yes, he was unaware that the mace was actually made of pure gold and weighed around 50 kg," said an official source.

He said "Modi was overwhelmingly talking about Manmohan Singh and Shashi Tharoor and was quite unaware that what had put in front of him. He just lifted that mace as like it was made of plastic."

The sources confirmed that after the rally, they took Modi to his taint and applied Emami Fast Relief to get some instant pain relief.

The development is yet to take any direction right now. But HP Leaders said that as Modi was considered as Polad Purush (Powerful man) in Gujarat they felt no need to tell him that the mace was 50 kgs.

Gujarat opposition leader Keshubhai Patel demanded a probe in the matters for allowing Narendra Modi to lift that mace.

"How can he lift that mace? He is a public servant and should not make such stupid things. Besides that while nobody is getting 16 kg gas cylinder in India, he was lifting 50 kg mace. I want inquiry in these matters," said Keshubhai Patel, shouting from his bottom belly.

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