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Friday, 5 October 2012

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Breaking Rahul Gandhi sneezes twice in Kashmir, 100 Doctors called to resolve his pain


Doctors said he recovered now and can share the pain of other Kashmiris

A horrified situation created across the Kashmir Valley when, India's future Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi sneezed twice in a row while addressing Kashmiris and asking them to give him some of the pain. All the present Congress leaders terrified horribly when they saw Rahul Gandhi was sneezing and they immediately called an ambulance with stretcher.

This terrible event happened when Rahul Gandhi was addressing the Kashmiri aam janta, asking them to connect their pain to him and establish a relationship.

"I want to establish a relationship with you. A lifelong relationship... Aaannnkkkkkchieeeeeeeeee .... Cheeeeeeeeeennnkkkkkkkk.....," Mr. Gandhi sneezed surprisingly before completing his statement, which kept other Senior Leaders of Congress Party shocking and guessing what happened suddenly. Some of them called ambulances from near hospital.

However, after recovered from those two sneezes, Rahul Gandhi continued his statement. He said "I have two goals here. First is to establish a relation with you and understand your pain deeply.... Second goal is to connect Kashmiri youth with the development process.... oooohhhh oooyiiii maa...." And unexpectedly 4 ward boys wearing white dresses arrived at the stage lifted Rahul Gandhi put him on stretcher and then in Ambulance and flew away in fraction of minutes, making all the Kashmiris dreadfully amazed of what was happening.

Few Congress leaders took the control of the stage and told the audience that no need to worry about Rahulji and almighty God is always there and he will take care of him.

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways C P Joshi said "Don't worry all. We have called all the main doctors from the USA and the Europe; they will handle Rahul Gandhi's cold very well. We didn't want to risk his life and therefore immediately called Ambulance. Now he will be under observation of some of the best doctors in the world."

Congress High command immediately sent a thankful note to all the leaders which showed great amount of presence of mind and saved life of Rahul Gandhi.

According to sources, Rahul Gandhi sneezed thrice again in the Hospital which sent ripples among all the present Doctors. However, now situation is under control and Doctors are happily allowed Rahul Gandhi to address his loyal audience.

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